July 4, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana



Another day another dollar as they say. How's it My people? This week was full of surprises. Super unexpected. 
We recieved transfer news. Elder Temple and I will be opening a new area in the village of Ayikuma. Recently, Dodowa ward split and created a branch, Ayukima branch, so we have the rad opportunity to be the very first missionaries in the area. To be real, we are way bummed because we have progressed with so many people this transfer. With all the success recently and compared to my last area, I often thought to myself that it was all too good to be true. And it was. Dodowa has 4 elders assigned to it due to the size of the area so now that they are taking us away the worry is that our progressing friends will be forgotten about after we leave. Saying that, i'm comforted in knowing that those who have the desire to recieve this gospel WILL! Those who will accept baptism WILL, whether with or without me and my Companion. 
I spent all of eternity in my first area and now my president won't let me  stay anywhere else. My time in dodowa be 1 n done. 
We biked over to the new area because its relatively close to Dodowa. Relatively close being about an hour bike ride. After the mission I'm going to enter into the Tour De France because I can bike anywhere now. The place is sweet. Very similar to dodowa but way more village and closer to the mountain. I'm excited for change but I'll miss the 4 man. 
We teach two sisters named philomina and Josephine. They have a mother named sister vida. When we first met them i swear I had the gift of tounges fall upon me because I spoke the best twi I've ever spoken to the mother and now she's convinced I speak it fluently lol. Everytime she sees me she just goes full Twi in conversation because I've deceived her. Everytime she sees one of her friends she runs to them and drags them over to me to prove that the Broni speaks Twi. I've learned the most from her to be completely honest. This last week we sat for a good hour as mommy vida tried to teach us the entire language. Alot went in one ear out the other but I've learned some very nice words and phrases If anyone pisses me off. Me bo wa suem pa! 
The boys bought a goat and we slaughtered it in the front yard. It was heavy. Before we killed him, I named him Billy. I'll miss Billy. Elder Sylvestre and Elder Temple have been talking about it and saving for it all transfer and they're dreams finally came true. These guys didn't waste a thing. Down to the very last drop of blood, they used everything. Brain, heart, skin, intestines, etc. 

Happy 4th. From living in a different country, Ive come to know how blessed I am to live in the states all my life. The rights, the liberties, and the peace. This 4th I hope you can all do the same. We are all so blessed. This country was not formed by accident but was established by God himself to be a land of promise for his righteous.  2 nephi 1:6-7 
If you're a little squeamish I suggest not looking at the pictures this week :)No wahala now 
Stay weird Elder Loving 


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