May 30, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana



  I have found it. I have reached NIRVANA. As a kid, I used to imagine what it would be like serving a mission. My day dreams were always of teaching in small mud huts or cutting through thick jungles. I can say all of those somewhat nonrealistic childhood imaginations have come true. Dodowa is the place I've dreamt of my whole life. I'm so indebted to my Heavenly Father to be serving here. 
I left Klagon this last Wednesday and it was actually really hard to say goodbye. Elder Nish wasn't even leaving and he said he wanted to cry more than i did. Some members gave me some gifts which made me even more sad to go. One lady tried to give me 100 cedis and in Ghana its disrespectful to not accept a gift. Hardest arguement ive ever fought. Never thought telling a mommy to not give me money would be so difficult. 
The new area is a whole new adventure for me now, very different than the one before. I am in a 4 man apartment with a Nigerian, Angolan, and a Congolese who are all 24 years +. Elder Slyvestre from Angola, natively speaks Portuguese and Elder Matumona, from D.R. Congo, speaks French. My Companion from Nigeria, Elder Temple, speaks English along with 4 other languages so I feel a little left out in the language department. All the culture, foods, languages, and good times in this apartment are so epic. The other companionship don't natively speak English so they are struggling. Temple and I help them out. They know all the curse words so that's a start. English sucks Chale.
Elder Temple and I easily have the best names in the mission and work so well together. We have come so fast to be brothers. Everytime we meet someone they go" AYE, ELDA TEMPLE... SO HOLY." Then me "AYE AND ELDA LOVING, YOURE SO LOVING/LOVELY." He's such a stud. The area is so green and way wild. We are out in the bush small small. We were visiting a member and My Compainion snags some leaves off this plant and I guess in Nigeria these leaves are used in all different types of dishes because he comes back to the apartment and made some soup.  In the soup he added snails, which he collected from around the apartment compound. He made me a bowl and we ate it with Eba. Africans are probably the coolest people on earth.
 He speaks alot of pidgin and Nigerian pidgin is way gnarlier than Ghanaian pidgin. I understand him fine but I've realised, as I've said before, my English keeps getting worse by the day haha. I'm learning-o,  No getta howsa go be. 
Our area is huge so we bike so plenty. This past week my body has been so sore. We will bike for an hour straight and still be in our area. This isn't a nice family stroll either, we haul. Elder Temple and I have nicknamed ourselves "Da Rough-Ridas."  We are also at the base of the mountain with alot of hills so my legs are always burnt. It's also pretty unorganised so I'm stressing about that. most of the members live an hour bike ride from the Chapel so it's hard to work with alot of them, but we are still having some great success. 
Dodowa is the garden of Eden for Mangos. The mangos flow like drops of sunshine. I eat at least 10 a day with no exaggeration. My nickname in the apartment is MONGO MAN. Everywhere you look you'll see mangos on trees. My area is the leading producer of mangos in Ghana. Our Chapel has a massive mango tree so we sometimes end our day with some mango picking which involves throwing rocks into the tree tops. After church, it's a mad house. All the kids are throwing rocks and sticks at branches to get the fruit. 
Ive mentioned before but Kente is Ghanas traditional handwoven cloth. Beautiful colors, patterns and designs all handmade. Alot of the ties I've bought are made from kente. There is a guy in my area who hand weaves the kente and I got to see the process. I couldn't believe my eyes and words cannot do it justice. On this rickity wooden loom this guy weaves his Kente for his living. It takes him about 2 weeks and he weaves 25 yards of it. Working all day, he weaves the kente with his hands and feet. Its a full body process. He moves his feet attached to some pullies that intertwine the threads together and then at the same time uses his hands to weave colored thread self made designs. So he's doing all that work, full body workout, and this guy was a machine. He  was spinning thread unbelievably fast. Pictures can't do it justice so hit my mom up for a video because It's the most insane/beautiful thing you'll ever see.
It's crazy to think how long I've lived in this beautiful country and adapted to the culture, language, and especially the food. I kinda just woke up the other morning and realised how long I've been away. We had a couple FM's and when they served us the food I was so hungry and so ready to just eat everything they gave us. I took some pictures and later looked at them and said to myself, " bro I ate that." Sorry if they give you nightmares but it ain't as bad as Elder Burgi and Mikey's Mcribs yall used to eat. I choose what I'm eating over that any day. Kwasia 
I hope president forgets about me out here like he did in my first area. I could stay here forever. I've got alot of epic pictures on my small camera but sadly can't get them to the phone. One day we'll sit down at the Whiting House and airplay them on the TV I'm sure of it. Artie loves his airplay. 
Love you groms ELDER L♡VING 

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Artie Whiting says:
You already know the Airplay will be gettin some good use next year!! LOL!
on May 30, 2022

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