May 23, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana



How's it. I'm on cloud 9 out here because I learned i am finally being transferred out of my first area. I am leaving Klagon and saying hello to a small mountain town called Dodowa. Dodowa is out in the bush and rumor has it's Ghana's lead producer for mangos. I have found favor with God bro I cant lie. I'm sad to leave Klagon but am so stoked to start a new chapter of the mission. My new companion will be Elder Temple from Nigeria. 
DODOWA ASEM ABA - Dodowa trouble is coming. 
I was called to bear my testimony in church yesterday for my last Sunday in Klagon ward and as I looked at the people who have been my family for the last 9 months I began to cry. I seriously have made a home and a family here in Klagon and leaving them makes me so sad. I know very well that God has sent me to Ghana. I am not here by accident and oh how grateful I am to be serving the beautiful people and country of Ghana. There is no other place I'd rather serve and part of me will remain here forever. 
I'm going to miss my Son Elder Nish. He's been such a homie and someone I'll always call brother. The other day when we were coming back to our apartment and when we reached the compound we saw this stray dog inside the gate. Elder Nish and I always mess with the animals around. We both at the same time, without communication, drop into a linebacker stance to block off the exit so the dog couldn't escape. This thing just starts growling and snarling big and sprints at us. It sprinted straight but kept its eyes on us. Little did it know it was too far right of the exit. Wham!! *Whimpers* it sprinted head first into the brick wall and then runs off. It all happened so fast we were both speechless. That's our relationship for you, menaces. 
I went on exchange with the Zone Leaders  in Ashaiman and I am retestifying of the beauty of the people living there. The people of Ashaiman are so amazing, every appointment we had, I met some of the most amazing people I've ever come in contact with.  They are all so ready and accepting of the gospel. Alot of the people living in this great city live in the most bizarre circumstances. I've never seen anything like it. It's hard to explain so there's some pictures below but imagine a one story house placed a hundred times in one big lot only separated by a few feet. And in that one story house its been divided into smaller houses. The space between the houses are the sewage gutters and the sidewalks. As you walk in between the houses everything becomes a maze. You look down one way and it seems to go forever. It's so interesting, it's like a whole type of neighborhood. I don't know how anyone remembers where they live or how to find their house. I have videos that explain it better but my words will just have to do justice. 

On the exchange, we went to a families house who I actually had contacted the last time we were on exchange. I always wondered what happened to the family and it turns out that they are wanting to be baptised. They know it all to be true. When I came back they remembered me perfectly. Sweetie and Shika are 2 of the most unique girls I've met. Skika is 17 and sweetie Is 15. They are practically American by the way they speak and the words and actions they use. We taught about the Book of Mormon and bore powerful testimony. She asked me loads of questions, the same type of questions she asks every Elder that comes around. She's doing some serious soul searching which is so beautiful because she really wants to know this is the truth. She asked me her famous question "If judgement day comes, the last trumpet sounds, and we come to find out that none of this is true, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and The Book Of Mormon, what would I do and would I still stand by it?" Its a very powerful question especially because she only asks it to Elders. I think my answer surprised her because she thought it was all rehearsed lol. Giving it some thought I told her "When judgement comes and I come to find that this is not the truth, I would look God in the eyes and call him a Liar. Why? Because he's the one who told me that it's the truth." I then bore testimomy how that won't happen because it is the truth. And yes I stand by everything the gospel has done for me in my life. That is living proof of how this is the truth. She then tells us she's never met anyone as interesting as the Elders and she loves every second of our time together. I'm so blessed to be able to be serving such amazing people like Shika and Sweetie. 
In my last week of Klagon we've been able to set 2 great brothers on date for baptism. I'm sad I won't be able to see the baptism but am comforted in knowing I've done my part, although small, in their conversion. This last week had moved so painfully slow because I knew it was my time to go and I was worn out every night. We'd come home from the apartment and I'd just plop down In bed. No food, shower, anything just my face in my pillow and lights out. That's missionary work for you but so rewarding. 
End of an era. Death of a king. A legacy left behind. Just playing. Elder Loving leaves Klagon. Love you all write me if you have the chance. 
Elder Loving 


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