May 9, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana


Fufu Nightmares

Yessah Chale How?Happy Mothers day to my sweet momma. Love you mom miss you so much. 
"Chale the way you talk self you dey around." Best compliment I've recieved. 
I guess a former member of Wu Tang lives in Ghana and my boy Elder Olsen taught him and ate sushi with him in Accra. He's a solid dude and likes what the church does for the world. Reminded me of my boys #Wutang480 
Went to Accra this last pday and it was rad seeing all the brethren. I haven't seen some of them for the last nine months so we had so much to talk about. We just talked about all the wild things that's happened to us and some stories I don't even want to believe they are so heavy. All the wild encounters happen out in the bush. Catch me out there in about 2 weeks. Going bush baby. 
Our water is always off, if I haven't said this before I'm saying it now. They call it " tap not flowing" or "locked pipes." I seriously don't know how we survive sometimes because the tap is never flowing. Even our storage ran out too. Luckily last week we had the biggest storm I've seen and we used the rain to fill our buckets. You'd think God was flooding the earth again  There was a steady down pour for about 5 hours and it just kept coming.  Showers, cleaning, and washing all done in our collected rain water. With every shower I'm convinced I grow a couple years younger. This rain got a fountain of youth type effect. 
I had a Dr pepper and a Pizza and I cried real tears. Rice just ain't cuttin it anymore. 
We met a less active member a couple weeks ago and went to visit him this past week. He welcomed us in and right from the start we just talked about so many things. It was a conversation I would've had with the boys back home. He ended up telling us his reason for growing less active. His younger brother, who was his everything, the one who kept him strong and in the church, passed away from an illness a couple years ago. He just poured out his heart on how much of a rock his brother was for him. Unfortunately, the loss hit him so hard he gradually fell less active. He said missionaries bring his brother back to him because his brother was preparing for mission right before he passed. He said a light was brought back into his life when we came into is house. He couldn't help but smile and the spirit witnessed to me why I  am still here in my first area. I could relate to him very well with a personal experience I've had. It's so amazing to see why God sends certain Elders/Sisters to certain people. I see exactly why I met him because of the similar things that's happened to us in our lives. 
Elder Nish and I tried to make some Fufu to other night and were sooo confident in ourselves. I've made fufu a hundred times with people, but never on my own. I've pounded fufu more times than I can count so naturally I thought we had it in the bag. Sadly, we were absolutely humbled and I am going to learn from others. I'm on a comeback though. Fufu 1, Elder Loving 0 but when I'm back home it'll be different. You are all invited and I'll learn how to make some nice fufu.  
The little girl, Sekilem, we gave a blessing too last week is doing so much better now. We saw her running around, jumping, playing and it was epic to see how the blessing really helped her. I joined in with playing with her and together we were chasing chickens. We would corner little chicks and scoop them up for her to pet. It was adorable but what was really funny was when we trapped this big chicken into a corner. She was convinced we had it but at the last second it slipped away. Sweet 6 year old Sekilem yells "S***" and I was crying. If my daughter is like this ill be one proud papa. 
Had a fufu pop the other day and that was Gas. 
Love yous bros Elder Loving 


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