May 1, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana



We got fed so good this week. Better than I ever have on my mission so far. 3 separate people fed us, one of them twice in a day for lunch and dinner. 
We finally were able to see Efi, a woman who we've seen very few times. All her family are members of the church and all her brothers have served missions, but she has never been baptised. She married a member for the very reason of growing her family in the gospel and knows its true because of the life of her family. We came to see her and were able to meet her sister who is a member from Kasoa. We bore testimony of the Book of Mormon and told her to not listen to anyone except God if the book is truly his words. She was so happy we got to come meet her sister and told us something so unforgettable. " thank you for not giving up on me so easily." She has been very inconsistent with allowing us to come over but we have been surprisingly patient with her. Hearing these words made me so at peace, and are the exact words I will say to our savior when I look him in the eyes. 
Remember when I said Ghanaians are super big dreamers. Well I have another 100 dreams that I've been asked to interpret the past couple weeks. The one I feel so prompted to share, one that is very powerful, was a dream Efi's sister shared with us which was about temple work. She is the only female member of the church in her family. After the passing of her mother, she did her work and began to do some other family members as well. She's thought so much about her auntie and her work. One night, she had a dream where she was outside of a big gathering place. Inside this area, she saw her family all having a grand reunion, a very happy one she said. She had seen her mother, who was dressed in white, and told her to go and enter the area where she knew the rest of her family was. She then looked and saw her auntie, dressed in black, in Ghanaian cultural dress for a time of sadness or mourning. She told her auntie to follow her mother. Her auntie looked at her in sadness and said, " I cannot enter. You have cleaned your mother but you still have not cleaned me." This moment we shared was so powerful as she bore testimony of temple work and said she's been trying to do her auntie's work ever since. Unfortunately, that side of the family does not like the church, so she said she's been trying. Wild dream. 
Friday we were planning for the day to go see our boy Francis. We got so excited to plan the time to see him, we had forgotten to call and confirm. When we realised our mistake, it was already too close to our scheduled meeting time. Despite the far walk to the edge of our area for what we knew would be a " go and come I'm busy" we felt so prompted to go anyways. He just worked the night shift, 6pm-10pm, and was dead tired. We rescheduled and decided to go see sister Gifty Nyavor, a member in our ward. When we showed up she was sooo happy to see us. She said she was going to call us to come but didn't have the credit/minutes. She urgently wanted us to bless her daughter who had alot of swelling in her face. She was about to take her to the hospital, then we showed up. As clear as day, we realised how directed we were to be led to her in the very moment of her afflictions. She is super far from us and we would not have been anywhere close to her that day if we hadn't hearkened to the promptings.  We blessed her daughter Sekilem Hannah Nyavor Tandie and answered a mothers prayer that day. What was also super rad was I woke up that morning wanting so badly to give someone a blessing. It had been so long and I felt like I wasnt living to my full priesthood potential. It felt so good to not only receive and be led to exactly where we needed to be to fulfil our responsibility, but also to be the instrument in the Lords hands of blessing his children. After the blessing, little Selikem looked at me as we left and said " dank you Elda Loving for da blessing." Yes I couldve cried, and you would've too. 
A member in our ward had a huge christening party for his new son. So wild I didn't think anyone still did a christening for a child, let alone someone in the church. We had so many drinks and alot of good food. I danced with alot of mommies and me and Elder Nish hung out with Kingsford the whole time. We had enjoyment day!! People need to have more kids and christen them more often. Side note: no one throws a better party than a Ghanaian. 
It's 1 am and I go to Accra tomorrow for a residency permit. Guess that means I've been here for a while. No bed time when your mom's not around. 
Shoot me a letter grom
We don't use pigeons or even paper to deliver messages now, cmon Chale it's never been easier. 

Stay stoked Elder Loving 


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