April 25, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana



AYEKOOHowfa My people. Solid week. Super wild how fast these weeks go and come. Super powerful lessons I've learned that I'd like to share. Some highlights from the week:
We helped our boy Manase with some work this last week. He was packing the foundation of a house and the way they do it in Ghana is so wack. They dig down a bit and lay cement to then build on top of it 3 foot concrete walls out of cinder blocks and fill the enclosed area with dirt and rock. It seems super sketchy in my mind but it's whatever. They don't use machines, all manual labor.  They think because we use machines,  us Americans don't know how to work with our hands. We started shoveling dirt and rock into some wheelbarrows and dumped it into the foundation to pack it. He said If he finished, he'd get 1000 cedis, which is more than some people make In 4 months. We helped him out alot this week because of how badly we wanted him to get the money so he could support his new baby and wife. While we served him, he asked us all these questions from previously learning with him. I guess I spoke in a way where i didn't give him direct answers. It had to make him think for himself a little and now he calls me 2nd Jesus. 
4/20 in Ghana is everyday. In a country where marajuana is illegal, its still found everywhere. We found out that we have alot of ganja farms in our area right down by the river. I guess some of these doods are pretty serious so we're going to keep our distance, but what's the rule on teaching pot heads? Asking for a friend. 
We had stake conference this week and to see all the Saints in Ashaiman warms my heart. I feel so blessed to have served in Ashaiman stake for so many months.  Its funny, I've been here so long that I have made alot of friends who are members in other wards/branches. I've done alot of exchanges and with the name of Elder  Loving I get remembered pretty well hah. I feel so blessed to have made such a small impact In the Ashaiman area and to have made so many friends. 
American curse words have no meaning here. They just aren't the same in this culture as they are to ours. We were visiting with the Bessa Simons, a family I have grown sooo close to, for a game night. We watched as Brother Bessa Simons played domino's with his 2 kids, Hyrum and Cofi. Well, Cofi lost and he just goes crazy on the words. " S*@!, S*@!, S*@!." Hes 6 years old and has the mouth of a sailor. I was crying it was so funny, my typa people. 
We've been reading the Book Of Mormon with Kingsford so much this last week and hes been reading so much on his own. Hes received soo much personal revelation from it. We showed up for a meeting and before we started he asked all these questions about missionary work, the schedule, and the preparation required. He was so curious and interrogated us on why we chose to serve a mission. Miraculously, members were walking by who have served also and he was able to ask them their reason. We all bore our testimony of how it's our duty to God, something we were foreordained to do. Come to find out he can't stop thinking about serving a mission. He said he wants to do for someone else what we have done for him. We had the introduction talk by President Nelson from this last conference on our phone and listened to it with him. President Nelson talked about how there is no greater time for the Gospel of Peace to be preached to the world, and Kingsford agrees. We believe he has received his call by the still small voice of the Spirit and he wants to go and serve. Reminder: he was baptised a week ago. I'd you have any thought of serving a mission, go read the book of Mormon and pray. Seek revelation as Kimgsford has and you will feel the whisperings of the spirit calling you. 
We had another meeting with Kingsford where he poured out his life story to us. He said growing up was a nightmare for him. His mother, little brother, and him have been neglected by their very wealthy father. His mother is his father's 2nd wife (traditionalism in Ghana) and she hasn't been his first concern, nor the children. He has every reason, and he says he hates his Father to the point where he says he doesn't have one. Hes a good as dead to him. We felt prompted, CLEAR AS DAY, to speak on Forgiveness. This last general conference and stake conference spoke on Forgiveness so heavily. With a very touchy subject to address, I bore my experience of Forgiveness from the Seekers point of view. So often we see it from the Givers perspective, the one who feels well justified, but rarely do we see the hurt from the seekers point of view. There is someone In my life where I so desperately want their Forgiveness. It eats and rips me to pieces thinking of what I've done wrong. All I want is this persons Forgiveness, to not only set me free, but help me grow a better relationship with. We were able to relate my experinence to his father. Whether or not his father wants it, Jesus taught to forgive all those who have wronged us. Mosiah 4:19 "behold are we not all beggars." Do we not all beg upon the same God for Forgiveness and mercy. How much more we ought to impart that same Forgiveness. The feeling of peace in this lesson was so physical. I know that with Christ the broken heart is mended, the hurt are healed, and the unforgivable IS, HAS BEEN, AND AlWAYS WILL BE forgiven. Because of Him . 
Thanks for reading Love you guys. Stay Classy. H.A.G.S
Elder Loving 


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