April 11, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana


Mormon Nwoma No

Hey Mom, Hey Dad How's it. Love and miss you all so much. This last week was full of hard work and I'd say super successful. The Lord truly blesses those who put in all their time, talents, and efforts. 
Transfer news this last Saturday and I am staying another transfer. 6 full transfers will be spent. 9 whole months of my mission. Pray for me because I am slowly dying. Its cool though because there is alot of positives. It's what I truly wanted anyways. I just pray I go to bush next transfer. Just the most remote and uncivilised area because I'm sick of people.
Last pday the kids from Utah with the boards came to the stake center again and said they are going to keep coming for the next 2 months. Looks like every Monday is going to look exactly how my days back home used to look: Skate until you cant feel your legs. 
We had a district lunch at a chop bar after our district council and began to tell stories from our childhoods. We told stories about our adventures, high-school, how our parents used to discipline us lol, and practically everything under the sun. I had alot of stories to tell and everyone just seemed so captivated when I began to tell my memories. All my district now thinks I had the dopest childhood and was also abused. I guess they weren't as troubled of a child as I was hahah. It's made me realise how good my life really has been and I owe it all to alot of you, but most importantly my Mom and Dad. Thank you for loving me and giving me the best life. I love you momma and daddy-o. *wipes tears from eyes* 
I got to meet baby Kwasi Loving (kwasi: Sunday born). Little dood was motionless. I think he was like 2 days old and I've never seen anything newer in my life. I don't think I could handle kids bro they'll terrorise me. 
Sister Opare made us some rad new scriptures wrapped in some Kente print. I know, I know. Only a missionary would rave about getting new scriptures so hey get off my back bro. Dey cool Chale. 
The rainy season has begun and it makes proselyting almost impossible. Ghana rain is serious-o. You'd think God was flooding the earth again its mental. After the hurricane blows over, it'll just rain mildly all day. Everyone uses the rain as an excuse to do nothing, I don't blame them. We'd have days last week fully booked but because of the rain everyone cancels. We still try our best so we grab our rain coats and hunker down through it all. My head gets soaked so I do what alot of the women do here. Ghanaian Make shift umbrella, just put a plastic bag on your head. Some dood yelled to us the other day and goes, "abroni, you know Ghana umbrella." 
Dood for some reason Ghanaians have some crazy dreams. I've had some people tell me they've had dreams, in answer to prayers,  that are almost identical to Lehis tree of life vision. Soo wild. We were meeting with our girl Nelly, the woman who I thought was going to kidnapped me last week, and we were helping her make her beads. She does bead work. All sorts of super colourful African bracelets, necklaces, and waist beads (story for another day 😅). As we were helping her she told us about how the last missionaries were heaven sent directly from God. I began to tell her how they still are ;) and how true this gospel is, how Joseph smith was a true prophet and the one who was used by Jesus Christ to bring back his church. She goes, " Yes I know I had a dream about it. Yeah I prayed one night and saw him praying in the woods in my dream." Yeah so she saw the first vision in her dream essentially. Don't know how much more convincing someone needs but...
Our boy Kingsford is getting baptised this week and I'm way stoked I'll be around to see it. We had an interview with the Bishop this past Sunday and bishop said everything that needed to be said. He told him how we will eventually leave, people will come and go, so DO NOT base your testimony off of anyone except Jesus Christ. Go do that if you haven't. 
After church we were able to go around with the Bishopric meeting with less actives and struggling families. We did blessings and had great conversations with our ward families and was the coolest experience. We blessed alot of Children whose fathers either are away alot, do not have the priesthood, or are nowhere to be found. There is no greater calling in someones life being than being a blessing to them. The fact of how organised the church is to help others and strengthen them is a testimony of how this truly is Jesus Christs church. 
Love you all, super solid week. Its suppose to rain all week so I hope we don't get stuck inside. Write me If you get the Chance. Stay coolElder Loving 


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