April 4, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana



Yessah bossWhat's good my braddahs. Hope everything is cool. Wow, solid week of work capped with general conference. Can't complain. Life is good, and I am happy.
I cannot express the joy I felt with hearing the apostles and prophet strongly urge missionary service. Seriously, the love for the missionaries this time around felt really good. Hearing this made me so grateful that I have already been serving. To all those preparing or thinking, go and do the things which the Lord commands. Advice from an Elder, prepare and commit now. Make that commitment to God and yourself. However small or great your commitment, Commit to something so you don't end up doing nothing. Leading up to my service, if I had not made the commitment to my primary aged self and to God, I cannot say I'd be here today. Serve a mission and you will never look back on that decision. 
Pday was the biggest shock and best day of my mission life. I was talking to my family when I got the urge to get up and go outside of the Chapel. There outside the church stood 3 little white kids with long blonde hair. I thought I was dreaming it was a huge trip. What made my heart drop was what they were holding. They all had skateboards. Now let me just say how well God knows each and everyone of us and how badly he just wants to make us happy. He put the biggest smile on my face this day. I snagged the board and started right where I left off. All the local kids would run to catch the board when it slipped out from underneath me and they all wanted to ride. They are all so naturally talented it's bizarre. First time on a skateboard and there balance was really good. I helped some of them out and we all had a good time. 
Ghana Vs Nigeria match was so rad. Ghana scored the first goal and the village went electric. We watched some of it outside a small betting Cafe surrounded by everybody who doesn't own a TV haha. The shop was packed full of bodies. Ghana qualified for the World Cup. How epic would it be if they won the world Cup while I was in Ghana. Pray for The Ghana Black Stars tonight pleaseeee to make it to the world Cup. 
Went back to Ashaiman for exchange and met more of the beautiful people surrounding my area boundaries. It felt good to get out of the area and meet new people. Transfer news is this coming Saturday and I have some mixed feelings. As badly as I want something new, I don't.  I don't want to say goodbye to anyone. This place, as tough as this area may be, is my home and my people. 
The Lord leads and guides us more than we know, I continue to learn that. If we make his will ours, he will put us exactly where we need to be. One late afternoon me and Elder Nish started to express our disappointments with our area. We began to ask each other why our area and our people were not progressing. Mid negative conversation, a woman down the street yelled to us. She came up and began to take pictures with us and asked us to follow her. Without question, and with comforting assurance, we followed. "Mommy, do we know you, " I asked.  She replied, "No we've never met, but I've been looking for you." Within minutes we were in her living room, seated and discussing her previous experiences with missionaries in the church. She was suppose to be baptised but ran away from the decision. I felt so inspired to ask her what urged her so strongly to stop us and drag us into her home for a visit. In a deeply honest and sincere tone," I feel like I am missing something In my life." We bore powerful testimony of our message and If she would just have the faith enough to pray to ask God, she would know and recieve exactly what she's missing. 
Last email I wrote about our soldier kingsford. His faith and testimony have grown so much and he has accepted to be baptised. He read the Book of Mormon and texted us last night, " I now know why I need to be baptised." Reading that left me with chills and a joy that would make a grown man cry. 
Our boy manase and his Chica, Dorcas,  had their kid and now have a baby boy. After not seeing manase for weeks we ran into him on his way to the hospital. "It's a boy," so excited. With no context he goes "Loving, that's his name." He wasn't kidding about the whole godfather thing or the baby naming either. We are gonna go over this week to meet him. 
Love you guys, go watch general conference if you haven't. Write me if you can. Elder Loving 


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