March 28, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana



Chale howbe Time dey go fast pa pa. You know sum ting, it be long time 7 months. I'm growing-o. Had such an epic week. I've been on a huge spiritual high this past and I don't want to come down. Do gospel not drugs kids. 
Last Monday I convinced all the other Elders to go Thrift with me. We were all in on it so we went to the Ashaiman Market. In the market there's these doods that have some massive wagons stacked with old second hand clothes and it was so rad to see everyone else get so into it as me and the boys used to. I found a steez tee, I've blessed you all with a beautiful selfie below. 
I'm learning how to play piano so that's epic. Some kid showed me a few chords so every chance I get I've been practicing a couple songs. I don't know If it's my guitar skills that are helping me learn so quick or the blessings of being a missionary in the service of God. Nonetheless I'm stoked,  It's something I've wanted to learn for long time now and I'm finally doing it. 
The other morning me and Elder Nish were so tired and It was extremely hard to get out of bed. Our alarm went off and I couldn't manage the strength to get up. All of a sudden it started to rain so we sprang out of bed to close the windows. About 5 minutes later the rained stopped. I learned that day how God gets his lazy Elders out of bed. 
We had exchanges with the zone leaders on Friday and I went to Ashaiman. Ashaiman Ghana is one of the churches strongest stakes in the Africa West area. The people of Ghana are so receptive to the gospel already but the people in Ashaiman are a different breed. They are as elect as they come and some of the most beautiful and faithful people I've ever met. I have felt so strongly the love that God has for the people of Ghana. Truly the people here are one of a kind. They give an infectious love that has taken hold of my entire heart. There is NO ONE else I'd rather serve. I heard a quote given by a general authority given when Africa was dedicated for the preaching of the gospel and it's so beautiful and true. It was about how fast and rapid the gospel would grow in this land. So fast and great that it will surpass all expectation. The gospel would sweep the continent by storm and leave thousands of lives changed forever. It just goes to show how the Lord has been preparing this land for the gospel and I get to see first hand the evidence of it. Even myself am aiding in this sweep and feel beyond blessed. I know this rapid growth all to be because of the type of people living here, they are all individually so unique and one of a kind. 
Down below picture is kenke. It's fermented corn dough wrapped in a corn husk. It's like a Ghanaian tamale served with fish and pepe and shito. Its not my favorite but someone dashed it to us. Wasting food is a sin so we were able to give it to our old boy Leonard who usually  has nothing to eat. 
We saw some guys unloading a truck load of 50kg cement bags and saw it as an opportunity to serve. They didn't want us to spoil our dress so they said no but we helped them anyways. They all carried them on their heads so i followed too. My neck is paining me to dis day. We got home covered in cement mix. The sweat mixed with the powder and we were absolutely covered. Even better was our water being off. Its been off the whole week but we still managing. 
I've had alot of weird wacky food in alot of different parts of the world and something I've always wanted to try is chicken feet. I saw a lady cooking em up and I had to buy one. It was so bomb. I was shocked how nice it was with all the local spices she put on it. Its exactly what I thought it'd be tho, skin and bone. Good thing eating bones is something so common now.
Sunday night we had a lesson with our boy Kingsford. Kingsford is this 6'4 absolute unit of a dood who's training to become a soldier in the army. Despite his size, he's a huge softy and so humble and receptive. We started teaching him at the start of this year and he said he didn't even believe in God to start, but because of constant prayer and reading of the Book of Mormon, he knows God to be real and Jesus Christ to be the center of the church. He's been so eager to come, but said he needs a white shirt ,which we've said he doesn't. An Elder who went home recently gave one of our ZL a white shirt to give away to a friend, so we are trying to get it for him. With constant persistence, he finally came to church and absolutely loved what he found. He pulled up in a black Jordan shirt and a pair of new York Yankees joggers, straight stylin.  Alot of churches here people are screaming, shaking, speaking tounges, dancing, and unloading their pockets for the pastors and that's what made him quit going to church. When he came today he fell in love with the way everything was. He said Elders quorum was the very thing he needed, a time of serious learning and a place where everyone gets to share their thoughts. He's so curious and so eager to come closer to God and Jesus Christ.  We taught him the Plan of Salvation, my favorite


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