March 14, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana



Howfa My peopleWow this week was intense. This weeks email is going to be 18+, mature audience kinda thing. Nothing too crazy but I've been told some of you read my email to the kiddos, so maybe this week you might have filter some things. 
This last pday we went to Ashaiman market again and went back to the second hand clothes people. We dug through everything they had and man it was so fun. Don't know why digging through old clothes makes me smile but it does. After,  we went to the stake center and played some basketball and I absolutley destroyed my ankle. No more basketball for me. I'm dog crap anyway so it's chill. Same thing I did in the MTC. I retore the ligament in my leg and that baby was black and blue and as fat as a softball. Pray for a proper speedy recovery. Ghana health care has once again been a nightmare. We went to the hospital to xray my foot. Before I got my xray I was thrown in a wheelchair and wheeled into a room. The doctor looked at me and said he was going to give me a shot in my buttocks. I laughed because I thought he was kidding... he wasn't. I sit on the bed and he goes, " undress and roll over with a big syringe in his hand". My boy was serious about the butt shot. For those who don't know,  I have a serious phobia of needles.  I looked him dead in the eyes and said "nahhh that's not happening." Don't know why I would need a shot in my butt for an xray but I was passing on that one. Anyways, we got the xray and they gave us the copy... on a cd. It wasn't film, they said they ran out. So we went to Accra the next day to get a specialist to look at it. We hobbled around the hospital looking for the specialist, then waited all day for him just to find out that they couldn't even look at it. We had to get a new xray. Before that we had to do some paperwork, pay, get a couple tests and do a thousand other things. It was exhausting. Eventually we got the xray, thankfully no break or fractures. Ghana hospitals are pretty intense. They are overfilled so you've got some people on beds lying in the waiting rooms. Alot of the people had to be moments away from going back to our Heavenly home. There were so many people in really bad shape and I could just tell they weren't going to last much longer. This one lady, who had gone crazy, was sitting next to me just mumbling a bunch of words I didn't understand. I could tell she was from a village far out in the bush because she had alot of witch doctor type methods she had done to herself to help cure her. With just my luck as she got up to go to the bathroom she lost her balance and fell on me and used me to stay up. Glad I could help, kinda. It's a wild world we live in. 
I've been resting the leg for a couple days and scheduled some appointments for later in the week. We had a lesson on Friday, set earlier in the morning. Way Earlier than we ever have had before. On top of that, my bike broke on the way over to the lesson. More and more reasons to explain why we were in the exact place at the exact time that morning. I know that the Lord placed us where we needed to be in that very second. With that readers discretion... We got to our appointment and began to give the lesson when we heard a man screaming "KRONFUO, KRONFUO." I didn't understand the meaning at first but my heart still dropped. I was struck with fear and wasn't even sure what was about to happen. I later found the meaning of the word to be thief. Everyone ran from their houses, dropped everything they were doing, and lined the roadside. Crowds of people gathered. As we approached the scene, we saw 3 men with big sticks and metal crowbars beating and dragging a man through the street. Men gathered aggressively and dragged this small man off down the road beating him as they went. We were in shock and everyone began to tell us what was going on. In Africa, this is the punishment for thiefs. The village gets together and beats the thief to death. People began screaming and rioting, some told us stories of thieves who will get beat and burned to death. The horror set in that this may be this man's fate. The thief looked eye to eye and he looked at me with so much fear in his eyes. I could feel his cry for help and it will haunt me forever. We were in shock and unsure what we could even do, but as time went on the crowd came over and dragged the thief to where we were gathered. He got up and ran bloody to our backs and sought shelter behind us. Men came up with big sticks raised overhead threatening us to move. They were relentless but Elder Nish and I held firm and stood shoulder to shoulder. Some women told us not to leave his side or else they'd kill him. It became a standoff between us and this mob who were out for blood. This one guy was insane I swear, he was about to swing at us next. He eventually found an opening and broke a wooden chair leg across this man's back inches away from us. As the mob saw, we weren't leaving, so they just wanted him out of town. Nish and I walked him out of town to safety through an angry gang wanting to beat him. Through the whole thing I never once felt in harms way. Looking back I felt as if I had armor placed about us or if  angels were encircling. Thinking of/knowing WHO could have been In my midst from other side reassures me that there was God sent protection. Truly the only way I could describe it. Super gnarly but thankfully God saved all of us. 
As I have Loved You, Love one another. 
I hope that this didn't traumatise anyone, not the purpose of this email. Look for ways to see how, where, and why God needs you to be where he needs you to be. 
Sunday we had a couple lessons. Afterwards a member wanted us to give her daughter a priesthood blessing. I asked her if we could know the reason and she tells me because her daughter was sick and the illness took her intelligence away. This mommy goes," she was sick but now she fine but she no longer sharp. She now think like baby." Lol poor girl was just sitting there listening to her mom basically call her stupid ahah. I just laughed because the daughter said she was fine and her mom was just paranoid.  On the way back we saw this car parked off the road. When we passed by we saw their was a little friend in the car. This guy had a monkey on a leash in the back of his car. The monkey was jumping around so much he was shaking the car. We stuck our finger by the window and this monkey went all attack mode. Monkeys are vicious little devils. Pretty cool. 
Another week, I love you all. I enjoy the emails and hearing from all you guys so I'd you get the chance right Me ;) 
I love you all, the steez Elder himself Elda Nana Kwaku Odo 
Some Photos from previous weeks I never sent... and yes I shaved my legs and i know i'm pasty white. Thanks 


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