March 7, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana



I love writing emails. I know one day I'm gonna reread them and love every word. What's good everyone. Thanks for tuning in once again to a day in the life with Elder Loving. 
This last Monday we were on our way to the Stake Center when some guys in a shop called us over to come play some pool. It was epic, In their little concrete shop they had this big pool table that took up the majority of the space. I smoked all these boys in a couple games. I'm low key a unit on the felt if yanno what I'm sayin. It was alot of fun. We biked to the stake center and let me tell you how wild this ride is. Cars are flying past us and they could not get any closer. Part of it is paved other parts are dirt. To me and Elder Nish, its like a box track. We fly and hit jumps, weave through traffic, man it's  the funnest thing. Alot of the time when we get tired we just wait for a truck and grab onto the back for it to pull us. A couple times the drivers don't like it so they'll try to run us off the road haha. When we got to the stake center we went to the Ashaiman market, or as I like to call it the concrete jungle. This place is sooo wild. Thousands upon thousands of people, no exaggeration, selling, driving, running around crazy. I had found a couple ladies selling second hand clothes because So many different countries send they're unwanted clothes to Africa. I started digging through all the clothes, and it made me feel like I was at the goodwill bins again. Some Ghana Thrift action. 
Afterwards we were passing a bar and saw all these drunks dancing. I decided to join them. I just wanted to be stupid and embarass myself. My mistake, all these very very big drunk women started to approach me. I dipped out that joint like Joseph and Potiffers wife you feel me. 
I've been so lucky recently. When I go to buy fruit I always get dashed extra fruit.(given extra for free). I guess it's that Elder Loving charm. All I do is throw in a wink or 2 and I've got their hearts. Speaking of which I have about 10 different women who have asked to be my wife so that's cool. They want me to take them back to America so I know its lust not love. I don't fall for their silly games anyways 😭
New people we find think we are refugees from Ukraine now because of all that stuff that's been going on. So intense, Ive seen some of the news broadcasts here cover the story. They have no filter, they show some super intense and graphic images. Jesus be coming. Good thing I'm already enlisted;)
We were out teaching one night and there were all these drunk doods chilling outside a bar. They were playing cards so I decide to go up to them and do a card trick on them. Now I suck at magic but I'm really good at fooling drunk people, so therefore I'm really good good magic. I did the cheesiest online magic learned card trick I knew and they were all shocked. Eyes wide, mouths open, drooling on the table. This one dood screams and goes, " I BELIEVE YOU, I BELIVE YOU". I was dying because I did the magic trick wrong and they were still convinced. Because of the mistake it made me look extra magical. 
I've started to cook In the apartment and can make some mean fried rice. Put respect on it. I can also make some stew and rice. OK, anything rice hit me up because that's all were working with here. We helped a women prepare fufu and after she let us chop (eat) with her. It takes about 3 hours and an arm and a leg to prepare but I'm still going to make it on my own when I'm back home. 
I bought some fried pig nose the other day, pic below. Still had some hair and I think I heard it oink but I still ate the thing. It was nice. 
Our boy Nana Yow got baptised on Sunday so I'm way stoked on that. Sad thing is his own mother didn't come, even though she's a member and we invited her like 800 times. He regardless still showed up with the biggest smile on his face and was so hyped to be making the commitment. Like cmon brah, go look at the pic below and try Not to cry over his smile.  This kid is 9 and he and his 12 year old sister walk to church every Sunday. It's a pretty long walk too for a 9 year old, yet he still makes it every Sunday. I hope his level of commitment is an example to you, just as its been to me. 
Bro we had an amazing lesson with 2 people yesterday. 2 people I thought were so uninterested. The Lord continues to teach me humility and selflessness. Sister emefa was so inspired by the restoration she wanted us to download gospel library on her phone so she could read more about the first vision and Restoration. Brother Kingsford, who I wrote about last week having doubts about God, has read the Book of Mormon and can feel the true power that comes from reading it. His faith is growing sooo much and Im wayy impressed with him. Sadly he hasn't come to church because he doesn't have a white shirt, which we've told him is OK, but he insists he needs to look his best. No worries, me and Elder Nish are working on it :). 
Miss and love you guys. I appreciate all of you who have  Emailed me, makes me so happy to see the love. Love you all till next week Elder Nana Kwaku Odo


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