February 28, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana



We Dey Accra How Chale. I dey cool-o. I be miss-ah my people. Miss my home. I'm a Ghanaian now tho so I ain't coming back. 
We balled up at the stake center for pday this last week and It was nice. Makes me miss the days balling at LC - LUNDELL COURT. Playing 3's with the boys even tho I sucked major are some of the best memories I have. Miss you kooks 
We met with a member the other day and while we were talking this dog got hold of this chicken and started to rip it to shreds. The member started yelling to scare the dog off and while it was running away the member grabbed this rock and chucked it right up into the air, a massive rainbow shot. The dog ran far enough away to feel safe, but ran right under where the rock was going to land. Out of no where, a rock fell from the sky and smacked this dog. We heard a big crack, wasn't sure if it broke bone but it left the dog screaming in pain. My boy is the American sniper of rock throwing. It was one of the craziest things trick shots I've seen hahah. 
We met with some of the youth in our ward and they asked us questions about a mission. It woke me up a bit. Sometimes I still can't believe I'm on a mission. My whole life its been something I've wanted to do, so now that Im here it just racks my brain. Some of their questions woke me up seriously, like bro I'm serving my mission what!! 
Feel like I just got here, but also I feel like I've been a missionary my whole life. I don't even remember life before I put the tag on.
Hit 6 months on the mission. A quarter of the journey completed, which is hype. I've truly started to look at a mission differently after I hit this small milestone. I no longer see it as 6 months closer, but now as 6 months less. Its no longer days counting down, but days missing from being a missionary. Scrap the analogies, I'm just saying a mission is a time to enjoy. You are only a missionary once, and once it's over you will never have these same types of experiences again. My perspective has changed huge. Perspective Is everything.  I'm living it and relishing every last second. Truly, there is no better work. No better feeling than bringing people to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. 
We are teaching this woman Nana Ekua and I'm just so impressed with her faith. We met her a couple weeks ago and she was so excited to meet us. She said she was previously taught by the missionaries but after they left she wasn't sure how to find the church. Dood you'd think she was a member. She knows more of the hymns than I do and remembers every little detail of the gospel.  She's a diamond in the rough. She admits that she should've been baptised years ago but hasn't been in contact with missionaries since. Her flicker of faith has been burning within her, fueled by the spirit, her personal study of the book of Mormon, and church hymns. It's so rad to see how music, our hymns, have kept her testimony growing. Everytime we're with her she starts singing hymns. She forced me to get all the sacrament hymns for her ahah. She was busy the other day so I may have blackmailed her about not getting her the hymns if she didn't meet with us in that moment. Lol just messing, she wasn't too busy.  She is sooo spiritually in tune and observant it's mental. She said she's felt the spirit so strongly testify to her about the gospel. The other day she just poured her heart out to us about her testimony of the church, the book of Mormon, everything. I was in shock, she has been taught and prepared from on high. She did more of the teaching, by sharing her testimony to herself and us, than we did. 
Best part about it is she gives us Coke everytime we meet because she says blessings come immediately after she serves us. I cannot wait to help her take the next step. 
She told us about all her experiences with hearing the Holy spirit, specifically the ones telling her that this is the true church of Jesus Christ. The way she described her promptings were almost as if she read a description word for word from the scriptures.  One I want to share that was so impactful was how she said , " I hear a still small voice, one that is peaceful and inviting. Immediately after, I feel a big loud voice that drowns out the smaller voice, but it's so pressuring It's too much." This description led us to teach her about always having the spirit to be with her, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. She says it always comes around when she listens to hymns.  It fills her heart when she reads the book of Mormon, or whenever we come to discuss our messages, But when we leave, the feeling goes with us. She's wants more than anything than that constant companion. Taking this experience I ask all of you, which voice will you listen too?   
Im so grateful to be apart of this womans path to coming closer to Jesus Christ, and I owe sooo much thanks to my Father in heaven, but also to the devoted Elder who used to teach Nana Ekua. She talks so highly of him and said how amazing he was. All of her testimony was built from their experiences together. It made me think how he must've felt teaching her, and I used this feeling to reflect on the people I teach now. He prepared Nana Ekua for us and now we are preparing others for future Elders in Klagon. I think so much about this stranger and owe him so much gratitude for putting in the efforts to teach her and prepare her. I respect him for putting in the hard work, and wish I could tell him how it was not in vain.  He has made a huge impact in my mission and my life for his service and I dont even know him. The spirit of the Lord comforted me so strongly about my efforts and the work we've been doing. I know that what I do here now will not be wasted and will also be appreciated by a future Elder once I'm long gone. You are enough, you are adequate for what the Lord has called you to do. 
Wow, I  cannot even do this week justice. Klagon is on the come up. We've had so many new promising people, new member referrals, and interested people just coming to church. Life is good, way stoked on the way things are going. The brighter days I promised my younger self have come and they will continue to rain down.  Love you all Elder Nana Kwaku Odo 

Best week of pictures I'd say ;)


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