January 10, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana


Da Witch Doctor

Aye Chale Long time-o. From the start of this last week I assumed it was going to be pretty mediocre but This last week was a freak show no doubt. I feel like I always say this about every week, but no 2 weeks are the same here. I never know what's going on or what's gonna happen. 
Pday last week. I bought a pair of high top Vans, something I've wanted since I've been here. It's a miracle I found them in my size because Ghana doesn't sell anything over an 8 or 9. Ghanaians have very small feet compared to me. They're so rad and are so fake. They are Vans shoe sown to a DC shoe sole. They are 2 companies mixed in one. Love them 
The rest of the day was nothing special except for the end. Our bishop calls us and starts to act all angry because we weren't at the ward party. It was already almost time for us to be indoors and we were busy with laundry and other pday stuff. He insisted and said it wasn't a party without his missionaries, so of course we went. The party was so mental. I've never seen any party thrown for any type of church like this one. It went from 4-11pm, had the nicest of foods, all the drinks you could want, and a dj with 2, 6 foot bass boosted subs blowing everyone's ear drums out. I couldn't even here myself think. Ghanaians love to party. They also love to dance, something I've failed to mention In the past and it's not a party unless there's dancing. The bishopric called me and Elder Dirkmaat out and they made us dance in front of all the ward. I made a fool out of myself, Dirkmaat too. Although we didn't give a good dance show, we gave something everyone loves: confidence. Lol I did a back flip and all the kids were just screaming with excitement. The party ended and for the rest of the week we had random people come up to us in the street and complain they got no invite to our party haha. It was that wild, all of Klagon knew it. 
We had the chance to give alot of priesthood blessings this last week. Both for members, those we are teaching, and for our fellow Elders. So blessed to be able to be surrounded by this authority as well as act in its name. It's truly divine, no questions asked. Everytime I stand In on a blessing I can't describe the feeling I have. There's nothing like it and I know that the feeling is the presence of the armies of heaven being directed to aid the afflicted. 
Had a very traumatic experience last week, little too crazy to share, but all I got to say is just love each other and you'll be better off for it. Be LOVING
This entire last week was spent in the hospital with my good bud Elder Gee. Elder Gee had an absess form near his spine, which is just a pocket that starts to fill with fluid that can cause a serious internal infection. They call this "jeep seat", because its common for military personal to get it from bumpy jeep rides I guess. Blame it on tro tros and biking on Ghana roads. He needed surgery fast or he could've gone septic and died. Health care in Ghana is super poor so you can assume how painful this has been for him. I think I might know more learning from my mom that's a nurse than some of these Witch Doctors. They've been doing the best they can, but sadly it's not as the comfort in the states. The surgery was pretty minor, all they did was cut a hole and drain the fluid but now the recovery. They can't stitch the hole or else it'll be more infection, so it's an open wound in his back that has to heal on it's own. President and Sister Young have asked us to care for him, bring him food and stay with him as a companionship. His comp, Elder Bean, is in a trio with us now until he recovers. This experience has led me to some serious prayers. I've been praying really hard for him and although he's still in a ton of agony, I can see that the Lord has answered our prayers. 
I've learned a man stands tallest when he is on his knees. Thomas S Monson: I know not by what method rare,But this I know, God answers prayer.I know that He has given His Word,Which tells me prayer is always heard,And will be answered, soon or late.And so I pray and calmly wait. 
Because of the hospital we haven't been able to go out and teach, but I'm glad I could serve my brother. We got to bring him the sacrament yesterday which was way cool and a pretty unforgettable experience. Using an old pizza box as a sacrament table and tissues as the covering cloth, we administered the sacrament. 
Pretty wild week and this isn't even the half of it. Too much to share so email me if you want to know more. Love you all. Keep it classy Elder Loving 


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