December 27, 2021


Klagon, Accra, Ghana


Harmattan Christmas Fever Dream

Aye Chale how A bibi a boco-- everything is cool! This Christmas was the best week I've had in my entire life. It was like a fever dream and I'm not even sure if any of it was real. It was that good, and went that fast. 
Harmattan has come. Harmattan is the name of the dry season here in West Africa. Its when the winds from Northern Africa start blowing south to the coast and with it comes all the sand from the Sahara desert. All the dust sucks up the moisture making it super dry. Kinda wild, but somehow this makes the mornings cold. (Cold as in anything less than 95) Its been nice though because this whole month hasn't felt like Christmas at all. Im jealous of all the cold weather back in the states, but have been blessed with some Ghana Christmas weather this week. 
Best part of Harmattan is the mangoes. They are in season and easily the best in the world. We had zone conference in Accra this week and I got to see Elder Farabee and all the homies. On our way to buying said mangoes, I got smacked by a biker. I was walking and when I saw him coming towards me I moved out of his way. He then swerves right into me and just gets rocked. I was way bigger than he was so I was chilling but he then proceeds to cuss me out in Twi/ Pidgin. He was crazy. I think he condemned my famiky lineage or something idk but It was all his fault. All the people who saw it started ganging up on him for my defence. Coolest part about Africa, if something goes wrong everyone will stop what their doing to come help you.  We then had a Christmas feast and a very nice conference. This whole week has been a Christmas feast which has been a blessing straight from the man on high. 
We went and did some service for our recently baptised member. We did her washing all by hand. Seriously crazy how exhausting washing a whole household's clothes are by hand. Afterwards she took us to KFC. Like I said, blessing from on high. My main man Is watching out for us huge. 
We've started to teach a new guy, his name is Gideon. After a couple lessons he learned we play guitar and brought out his Electric. Before I left, I kissed my electric guitar goodbye because I never thought I'd play one for 2 years. Christmas miracle. We shredded small small and it was absolutely what I needed. 
I went on exchange to Sakumuno with our district leader Elder Boateng. This area is so epic. The people are great, the members are way loving, and it overlooks the beach so the breeze was way nice for contacting. I was biking when I had the promoting to talk to this one woman selling clothes. I rode over to her and started talking to her and saw what she was selling. She had a vintage grail and I had to snag. 1994 Warner brothers bugs bunny X New York Yankees. 2nd Chanc Vintage is back in business lol. I'm gonna start thrifting here and bring it all back. So sweet. We ended the long day by watching a local futbol match in a dirt lot. These guys are cracked Holy. There's some serious talent here in futbol it's crazy. After the exchange Elder Boateng said he wants to be companions and hes gonna complain to Pres about doing an emergency transfer. 
Christmas day. I saved one of my packages to open Christmas morning and wow I didn't realise how this experience would go. I opened up a small zip lock bag and found candy and jerky. Never been more grateful for any present I've ever received. No electronic, board, or Dollar sign could have topped my humble ziploc bag full of treats. I sat and reflected. My whole life has been full of great Christmas mornings. Now that I've seen families and children with nothing, sometimes not even a roof, having a morning just like the rest, my eyes have been opened to the true gift of christmas. Jesus Christ. Be grateful for all the blessings you have please!! In the package were some small build yourself foam airplanes, which me and Dirkmaat passed around along with some stickers to kids. When their faces lit up with pure joy, my heart melted. The true reason for the season is giving, just as heavenly father gave to us. 
Yesterday, Sunday, was epic. Everyone showed up in their traditional African dress and the colors lit the room. We went to the Ocran house for some christmas Fufu and I got to see behind the scenes. I'm making it for the rest of my life now. They gave me a huge ball with some goat. My first time eating goat and they gave me the utters from the mother goat and the intestines. I had a half of the big milk sack thingy floating around in my fufu hah. By the time I go home, I'll have eaten every part of a Goat. Finished the bowl cleann. 
Best week of my life, one that couldn't have been had anywhere else. Love you all more than you know. I hope everyone had a great christmas. I invite you all to be more thankful for the little things, because somewhere in the world its big to someone. Sending love over the miles Elder Loving 

Best week for photos I'd say;) 


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