December 6, 2021


Klagon, Accra, Ghana


Picked from the Line

How's it everyone A huge week here in Klagon and I'm so stoked on the way things are going. We had great success this past week and I'm grateful things are starting to pick up after all the hard work. I'm loving it here and the people of Ghana have ceased to amaze me. The most loving people you'll ever meet. 
I've failed to mention this before but the area I'm in hasn't had missionaries since before the Covid lockdown. The area was opened back up in May and I'm only the 3 Elder to have been in the area since so in a way I'm helping in opening the area. It's been about 6 months now, but it takes alot of missionaries and work to open and progress an area. I'm just grateful I'm apart of it all. We received transfer news and Klagon is going round 3 in the ring against Elder Loving and Elder Dirkmaat. It's insane because I thought for sure Elder dirkmaat was going to be transfered. He's been here for already 5 transfers, now it'll be 6, which is almost 10 months. We are both still needed here. 
It's good though. This past week we've continued to teach and progress with some of the most promising people we've had, we brought 5 investigators to sacrament meeting (something we have struggled with for the past 3 months:  getting people to commit to come to church), and have put someone on date for baptism. It's been a grind but the reward has been great. Not to mention all the blessings I've recieved from working hard. No amount of thanks can be given for those. 
I always find myself talking about it but FUFU. This last week, before an exchange with the zone leaders, we went to a Chop Bar to go chop (eat) some fufu. I pounded the whole bowl, licked it clean even. All the cooks were shocked. I had a small conversation with them in Twi and its always so funny to see them react to an American speaking twi. They all jump and clap and scream with excitement. 
Humility Is a lesson I will never stop learning here. I am constantly humbled and in every circumstance I'm grateful for it. Whether it be the types of living conditions others live in or its the people themselves. Some of these people have nothing, yet they are willing to give everything. The people who I think won't receive the gospel are always those who end up being most interested. Humility is the core of a disciple of Jesus Christ and I invite all of you to share more gratitude and Humility in all you do. 
Warning: never leave your clothes out on the clothes line to dry for too long.  Last p day after I did all my washing I left my clothes and favorite blanket out to dry. Later that day, I came back to get my clothes and someone had stolen my blanket. Picked it straight from the line. I'm still sad about it because that was the best thing I owned out here hahaha. I guess someone needed it more than I did. It's minor.  Funny story that happens all too often. We were getting food from this local shack and the woman's kids could not take their eyes off of us. We were friendly so they started to ask us all sorts of questions. Why are you white? Why is your hair some how white? Why are your eyes blue? Haha then they attack you and put their hands in your hair and never let you go. It's always a great opportunity to tell them how God beautifies all his creations, no matter the color. 
I love you all. As badly as I miss all of you, the experiences I'm having on a mission cannot be had anywhere else in the world.
Shout to the family  Love you mom and dad. I owe you everything. Nicona and Zach hope you're loving life, our Lord is mindful of you in all things. Continue to trust in him. Mc same with you. Never has he been closer. You are blessed beyond measure and he will give you more in his own time. Go rip the mountain this weekend for me. Malachi, our father in heaven loves you and delights to hear you call on his name. I love you more than you know and am constantly praying and thinking of you Mackesson, never change. You are as beautiful as they come and I miss you more than you'd ever know. Just know I'm mindful of you and can't wait to be back in the garage with you lol. Mackley, you're growing up too fast. I love you sis and hope you're being blessed for my imperfect efforts. 
Shout to my other families.  Prahls, hannemans, naylor, Jacob, Lundells, Pratt, Whiting, Slade, Khumalo, Nuttal, Burgi, Waite, Kempton, Allen, Lameraux. Basically any of you who have let me into your pantry or sleep shirtless on your couch.  Love you all like my own family. 
Shout to my boys. Wayyy too many to count but you know who you guys are. Miss you all in the 480 and around the world. Much love ELDER LOVING 


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