November 15, 2021


Klagon, , Ghana


Kente ties too fly

Howbe What's good Chale, hope everyone had a good week. This week was very eventful and has left me exhausted. Going to be honest, I struggled major at the end but such is the mission life. When the bad days hit, know the good ones are coming. 
Last pday, we went to the stake center and played some basketball with all the Elders. As I've said in previous emails, we all suck but still it's alot of fun. It's some of the only concrete I'm ever on so everytime I'm there I wish I had my board. I miss her so badly. Lol. (Please look after her mother). After, we went to the Ashaiman market, which Is exactly how you'd picture an African Market to be. Everyone packed into the smallest area yelling, trading, and selling spices, fish, cloth, etc. I love strolling through, Its such a rad experience because this way you see the roots of a culture. You see how the locals thrive and I think its something any foreigner should experience. 
Last Tuesday was zone conference so I got to see some homies from my zone. It was held at the Accra Mtc, which is also the temple grounds. I've never wanted to go to the temple so badly. My heart is longing for it. If you're reading, go to the temple now! For my sake but more importantly your own. You won't regret it. Tell them Elder Loving sent you, they'll understand haha. At zone conference I bought some nice Kente (ken-teh) ties. Im way stoked, Im a real Ghana missionary now. Kente Is a handwoven cloth which is basically Gucci for traditional Ghanaian clothing. It's beautiful and is one of the staples of the Ashanti tribe. 
If you hate bugs feel free to skip over this next part. Mosquito net gone mosquito nest. I have to sleep in a mosquito net for those of you who don't know. The other night someone forgot to close the screen on the window and half of Africa flew into our apartment that night. I woke up with at least 20 of the things flying all over my body. I was pissed and was covered in bites. I murdered all those fools and my hands were covered in blood, my blood. 
Teaching went well this week. My girl Mary Duah is one of my favorite people I have ever met. She laughs like Elmo from sesame street and its the funniest thing. The other day we were teaching her from the Book of Mormon and we told her to flip to Alma. She opened her book to the exact page and with the biggest gasp she goes "Oh, it's like magic!" Had to be there It was so funny. But ya She is so committed to church and brings her 3 kids with her every Sunday. All the members love her so much and she is coming to stake conference this Sunday. She loves the gospel so much she said she wishes she would have found the truth sooner. This woman is the definition of the elect us missionaries are to find. She is of those who came to earth knowing they wouldn't have the gospel immediately, but pleaded for us to come find her and bring it into her life. Such a beautiful thing. 
My old man Leonard is someone I also love dearly, but he's been very disappointing lately. He's been commiting to come to church but always gives an excuse to get out of coming last minute. We even ironed his clothes for him yesterday because his excuse last week was that he couldn't iron his church clothes. But nonetheless I love the guy and will continue to bring the gospel to him. I mentioned in a previous email that he lives alone and in a shack with no light. He tells us how lonely he always feels and it breaks my heart everytime. He showed us a screenshot he took on his phone and it was a picture of me and Elder dirkmaat. Leonard said when he feels alone and sad he looks at the picture of us and he is comforted knowing that everything will be alright. He said just the picture alone of us Elders brings him peace. Im touched, but I keep saying how much greater the spirit of Jesus Christ will  comfort him. He's an amazing guy and I ask for you to pray for him If you can. 

Me nyme se me ye Onyankopon ba. Me nyaso Mormon nwoma no. Me nyme se Yesu Christo ti asi. Yesu ne Kristo no eni Onyankopon a Onniawiee no. 
Love you all, wishing you the best. Elder loving 


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