November 8, 2021


Klagon, , Ghana


The Loving Project

Howfa Wow its been an interesting week. In the moment it couldn't have gone slower, but looking back it flew. I have so many of these weeks and its always has me trippin  on what to believe about the mission. During the weeks, I feel like I'll be in Africa for all eternity, but at the end of them I realise I'll be home before I know it. I'm not rushing anything though. I love where I am and don't want these experiences to fly past me. Somthing i tell myself often: I don't want to be a day ahead on mission or a day behind, I am where I am and I'm Loving it. Now Fo da week
Last Monday we went to the Sun City apartment and hung out with aton of Elders. I met some of the new guys and it makes me feel way good to not be the youngest one out here haha. The new guy is so rad and we've already planned things to do after the mission. That's what I love about this place. I'm meeting doods I would've never met unless I came out here and in no time at all I feel like there my brothers. It's epic, when you are serving the Lord you are brothers in Christ. Shout out to my day ones tho, you are my brothers and you will never be replaced. Love you boys whereever you guys are. 
I have started a trend In the mission. I always find it funny and a good photo op when I catch an animal. Some Elders have created The Loving Project in my honor. Every time you catch an animal you take a photo holding the animal out in front of you smiling "as Elder Loving does" which Is a somehow angry/confused look (because I don't smile for photos). Its hilarious because it's become a competition on who can get the best photo. I reign supreme with me holding a kid, holding a cat. Double whammy. 
I've talked about how I'm learning Twi small small and this last week I've learned more then a missionary should. Let's just say cussing in Twi is way cooler than English. Hehe 
I've been struggling to teach the lessons plainy and in a way where the people can understand. I'm stubborn, independent, prideful, and big headed so the Lord has seriously been working me to realise how dependent I need to be on him. Alot of my qualities I thought to be strengths, things I thought would set me above the rest, are being torn down to be built back up again, this time built by the Lord. I'm being molded, and it's cool to see because it's shown me that I'm not alone out here. It's shown me how much God and Jesus Christ love me, so much they are willing to break me down so that I can be built up again to become something better. Truly beautiful when you think that God loves us so much he let's us feel pain to become stronger. 
Got to say I'm a pro coconut cracker now. You have to work to open one of these puppies, and with all the practice I've had I'm a master at it. I climbed this fat coco tree this last week to grab a couple, but couldn't reach them when I got to the top. Still working on that one. Anyways, I had about 5 this past week and ripped them then shreds with a crappy machete and my hands. Makes me feel like Tarzan. 
Overall this week for teaching was hard. We had lessons that fell on deaf ears and even one lesson we canceled mid sentence because of how uninterested they were to us. Now, I know how this sounds. It makes us sound like we just give up on the person but no let me explain. When we teach its always outside either sitting on a small stool or brick or whatever you can find, sometimes even plopping your butt in the dirt. On top of this, you have every distraction imaginable. Naked babies/people running through the street, 2 chickens fighting to the death, mating goats, people screaming at eachother, and the list goes on. We were teaching this one woman and she was so caught up in the commotion of this parade of people, she wouldn't even acknowledge that we were there. We politley told her we'd come back another time when she was ready to listen. She didn't want us there in the first place so she gladly kicked us out. It's hard sometimes but what makes up for it all are the lessons that CANT GO ANY BETTER. 
After a week of challenging people, we taught one of our neighbors named Godwin aka The Virgin Boy (the nickname he gave himself and advertises for his business lol). This guy is a crack head, seriously he's off a bean every time we teach him I swear. He Is so sparatic and says everything cooped up inside his head. It's difficult to teach him because of this but this lesson was entirely different. We taught restoration and everything we said left him speechless. He understood everything with clarity. Ive never seen him like this before. The look in his eye, his character, and even his being was completely changed. I saw the spirit just flowing through him. I felt the spirit so strong and was guided on exactly what to say. I cannot even do this experience justice in words. All I can say is when I bore testimony to him the truthfulness of these things, it made them even more true to me. I cannot deny the feeling I felt when I told him the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and this gospel. Left me and him completely dumbfounded. I was high for the rest of the day, spiritually. 
Sunday was amazing. We've struggled getting people to church but this time we got 3 people to sacrament. I'm stoked no lie because our ward help us plenty with these people. They made them feel so welcome and even helped with their kids when it was needed. Me and Dirkmaat have never been more proud of the members. 
Honestly I could go on about a bunch of other things but maybe some other time. When i get back let's take a trip camping and I'll tell you all about it. Im too lazy to read this so If there's typos deal wit it. Love you guys endlessly and hope all is well. Till next week. 


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