November 1, 2021


Klagon, , Ghana


The Welle People

My peopleHow's it. Man I miss you all so much. My Ghanaian family is treating me very very well and I love them all so much. I still can't help but miss all of you though. Don't worry you're not getting replaced hehe. This is my favorite time of year back in the 480 which makes me a wee bit homesick, but with the Lords help I am happily living in the 059 so it's OK! I am being blessed everyday and am growing into the man I need to be. Something I've learned: The more you miss something/someone the more you appreciate it/them. I have grown to appreciate the small things back home so much greater. 
Last email I said I hope to eat something American for my birthday, prayers answered. We celebrated my birthday with pizza and wine during district council (wine or champagne is the word used for all types of juice). Picture below of the best district. Sadly I Had to say goodbye to some dear friends that I have become very close to in a short transfer. For traditional Ghanaian birthdays, they sing 4 different versions of happy birthday. I posted the video on Facebook, feel free to message my mom to watch if you give a crap lol. After they sing to you, you get SOAKED. They take a big bucket of water and pour it on your head until every inch of you is drenched. This is Ghanains favorite thing in the whole wide world I swear. One of the native sisters got so excited she couldn't wait.  She took a bucket and soaked me in the relief society room, this chick has no chill. 
The week was pretty average. Our teaching pool is growing very big, so we are starting to do less contacting and more progressive teaching. We had alot of scheduled appointments that fell through, more than usual, because of some random reason the investigator gave us. It's always last minute too so it throws off our schedule hard and is always a big bummer. All part of the work.
All on my birthday- I prayed for an epic lesson and a good teaching experience. That's all I wanted. It came. Story time: Someone we are teaching who I'm super pumped on is Mary Duah. We met her last week on the way to an appontment. From down the street, a woman called me to come to her. I need to mention,  To call someone or get there attention in Ghana, people make either a loud kissing sound with their lips or hiss. If they want you to come to them they say "bra" and with their palm facing you, they open and close their hand fast. Alot of the time, people call us over for no reason too so you never know.  So she calls me to her from across the way and I was about to just wave and keep walking, until I had a very strong impression to walk to her. We were busy, late for our appointment, and already have enough people to teach so I didn't see the need of going to her. Besides it was probably going to be for no reason as I have mentioned. The impression comes again so I listened. Best decision of the day. She gave us water and was very kind. I was about to ask for what reason she called us over when a woman came around the corner. All my attention went to this woman, and the words that came to mind was "Her", like if someone was clarifying that she is the reason. We have been since teaching her and it is going so well. She is a very smart woman and she already wants to become a member. During our last lesson teaching about the book of Mormon, she said something to me that made my missionary confidence boost sky high. As I bore my testimony of the book of Mormon she said "you speak by the spirit, other men speak in the flesh, but you.. by the spirit." Her friend who was also in the lesson said the same thing. She can only speak Twi and some small English, but could understand everything I said In that moment. Power of the spirit. 
We taught a lesson to the Welle people, the outskirts of town, which is more bush. We call them the welle people because they are live less civilised, more traditional, and there is a welle farm right next to the small village. Welle is cow skin, another thing people love to eat here. It's the same as eating the bottom of your Vans. Its pretty weird but you gotta eat something. Later we went to one of our friends who we are teaching for some birthday fufu. I finished my first Fufu ball, a huge accomplishment for a new missionary to Ghana. Fufu is a super heavy starch that is super hard to finish because of how dense it is, so finishing a ball is a milestone. They say it takes a couple times eating fufu to get the strength to finish because your stomach has to stretch over time hahah. 
Sunday was sick because we gave some blessings to a ward member and her daughter who are starting school and a new job soon. Love being able to exercise the priesthood. 
That's sums it up. Me nyasi eni me nyagi namiadomo. Me doh adanfos.  My twi is getting pretty good all the locals say, I just don't know how to spell. All good because  neither do any of them so I stoked.Later Elder Loving 

Ps: if any of you would feel so inclined to pay the $500 shipping fee of a package that might include: a 8.75 skate deck preferably the brand madness but creature or welcome Is acceptable , 149 mm independent hollow trucks, Bronson bearings, bones wheels, and diamond horse hardware to 6 Kings Hassan Rd, Accra Ghana I would very much appreciate it. Might not get here till next year tho. Lol love you 


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