October 25, 2021


Klagon, , Ghana


Eti gah gahne

Yessah Another amazing day being a missionary. This past week was pretty slow and uneventful, which made it a little hard. Pday we went to the beach, which always starts the week on a good note for me. I've have grown to love my district and am kinda sad for those leaving at the end of the transfer on Wednesday. I've said it before already but alot of these relationships I've made make the mission alot easier. I can really see how these guys have been a blessing in my life.
Middle of the week I got food poisoning and that was a swell time. We stayed in the apartment all day because of it. That was the hardest part of it all. When you aren't working or helping the people it gets hard. I'd say this was one of the lowest days for me on the mission. I was very depressed and only ever thought of home. From this day on, I've only ever wanted to focus on the people and work hard instead of thinking about myself. I know that this was a blessing and a lesson I needed to learn. 
Thursday we moved out of our old apartment to a new one down the street. The new place is actually very nice and comfortable but kind of inconvenient for alot of the people we are teaching. Its good though because I can see that our focus is about to shift to the people closer to us. We have alot of new potential lessons around us. 
Crazy feeling I had talking to this guy the other day. We were walking when this guy stopped us and asked us to teach him. As the conversation went on I had this weird feeling come over me, kind of like a lacking of the spirit. It's when he told me he was a Juju man (African Satan worshipper) that I realised why. Everyone deserves the gospel though so we have a lesson with him soon. 
Best part about teaching in Africa I'd say Is trying to catch all the animals running around. Cows, goats, chickens, dogs, lizards, the list goes on. Picture below of me wreslting a cow for a picture. Taught him the Plan of Salvation after so it was all good. 
Some of our investigators are progressing super fast. The joy that the gospel brings to people is real. Felix, picture below, is someone we have been teaching for long time and soon we are going to put him on date for baptism. He accepted our baptismal invitation but had a couple things he needed to do in order to prepare for it. He has put forth the effort and is taking the steps necessary. I can see his faith and in him I see a joy that was not there before when he didn't have the gospel.
It's my birthday week so I'm stoked for that. Hopefully I'll be able to treat myself to something American if I can find it lol. Love you all, wishing the best. 
y3b3hyia Elder Loving 


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