October 11, 2021


Klagon, , Ghana


Baptism and Bible bashes

Sup everyone It's crazy how quick these weeks are going. It feels like just yesterday I was sending last weeks email. I hate to be cheesy but time really flies when you immerse yourself in the work. This week was full of hard work and lessons I'm so grateful to be learning so early on the mission. Last week p day we went to the stake center to play some basketball. Its not at all what you guys are thinking. I imagined an Indoor court too. Its a crooked hoop placed on a slab of concrete with one of the most bent rims I've seen haha. Still some of the funnest basketball I've played. All of us aren't very good, but it didn't matter. Alot of the native elders haven't ever played so it was hilarious to play with them. There all more into futbol. Anyways, the point of all this is I'm really starting to form a brotherhood with alot of these doods. People I would have never met or even connected with if I didn't come out here. The friendships alone are one of the biggest blessings on my mission. 
Special experience on a special day. We have been teaching these two brothers Michael and Selasie. They arent much younger then I am. They both are so interested in the gospel and I can see the seed of their faith growing the more we teach them. The elders before me actually stopped teaching Michael, until he came and sat in on one of our lessons. It was so rad. We were teaching these older guys and out of nowhere he just came in and took a seat. From there, he wanted to be taught. We restarted the lessons with him and now teach his little brother. This last Wednesday was my little sister Destiny's birthday, the perfect day to teach the plan of salvation. Except for the weather. A huge storm rolled in and we taught Selasie in the pouring rain. I closed with my testimony of how much the plan of salvation means to me and I could seriously feel some guardian angels present. Tears were shed. The sprint back through the mud and rain couldn't ruin the joy I felt. 
The lesson I have learned, am learning, and will learn all throughout the mission. We were walking to one of our appointments, when an old man came up to us and asked us about "Latter Day Saint". At first I was stoked, but as we went on with the conversation, I could see his real intention. He wanted to prove us wrong. It was hard to realise in the first moments because people here are so friendly and no one wants to offend or be rude. It turned into a Bible bash essentially and the conversation went in circles. We thanked him and left. Long story short our appointment went the same way. I was firing off everything I could. Every scripture, persuasive question, and biblical quote I could think of but it was no use. My pride got the best of me and the spirit of contention filled me. I learned that the holy spirit is the real teacher. If I lack the spirit  I'm no longer a missionary but a kid in a white shirt and tie. Sunday really made up for everything because I was able to baptise Evans Oteng Nana Kwame. He's an 11 year old futbol star who really only speaks Twi, but he didn't need English to communicate his excitement. His smile was constant the whole day and the joy on his face after he came out of the font would melt your  heart. Hope everyone had an amazing week. Count your blessings because there's alot of them. Love you allElder Loving 


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