September 27, 2021


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How's it Elder Loving here with another email from Klagon Ghana. This past week was a week of ups and downs. It was my first full week in the mission field and the lessons I am starting to learn aren't some of the easiest the Lord teaches. However, I know they are for the embetterment of my soul and am so grateful for them.
Life here in West Africa is pretty intense. We walk everywhere and almost get hit 100 times before reaching the destination. Drivers use there horn over there brakes lol. Last p day we walked to China mall because we are broke and can't afford a tro tro (ghanaian taxi). Its about 5 miles round trip. I cannot tell you how bad I missed ac as I walked into the store. 
Tuesday was a national holiday. Tema day! It's the first president of Ghanas birthday. I got the vibe that it's like a fourth of July here. We went to a church where all sorts of food were being prepared. If you could smell the eroma you'd be sent to heaven. I pounded fufu, the staple food of Ghana,  and helped the women make contumbre stew. I ended up eating Banku which is a ball of pounded yam with ocra and tuna soup. Picture below. Imagine that ball of dough sitting in your stomach. Let's just say I never want to eat anything ever again and it's been 5 days. This day was hard for me. I started to get into my feels. For you old farts that's what us youngins call feeling sad. I was really missing home. One of the lessons I am being taught. Forgetting myself and putting those i serve before me. I prayed for comfort and asked for the strength to endure this trial with joy. I testify prayers are answered, in God's own time. Later that day a woman came up to me and in some of the best English I've heard a Ghanaian use she said, " I respect and admire you missionaries." She told us how much the community, members around the world, family and friends, and the hosts in heaven are cheering for us. I immediately started to cry, not only because I'm a big baby, but also because it was an answer to my prayers. Later that day at seminary, aunty mina, bishops wife and my most favorite human on this earth, told me to forget myself and go to work. She is helping me adjust and is always there to listen to me. I love her so much.  I'm so grateful for the support I have back home, here in Ghana, and in heaven. 
We have been walking to some new places in our area and meeting new people to teach as well. The work here is abundant meaning more responsibility put on us. There's a river that runs through klagon and In one of the pools we saw a bunch of kids, some completely nude hahaha, catching fish with there bare hands. The water here is rancid and so they were covered in thick slime and mud. I've never seen smiles so big. They were having so much fun I wanted to take off my white shirt and tie and jump in. I realised how blessed we are in America with all of the things we have. Another lesson I am beginning to learn. Humility. 
I have never felt the spirit so strong in my whole life. I cannot deny the feeling as I read and teach people of Jesus Christ. We went into a small shop the other day and began to talk with the owner. We went in to ask the price of a bag, but it turned into a lesson that lasted for over 2 hours. He asked so many questions and was so interested in why we do what we do. As time went on 2 other men joined and it was the best gospel conversation I have ever had. We were all learning in that conversation which made it so real. These men were learning from us, and me and Elder Dirkmatt were learning from the spirit. We made goof friends that day with Obed, Daniel, and Micheal. 
How grateful and blessed I am to be here. Love all of you more then you can comprehend and miss all of you. I think about a new person each day from back home and all the fun we had whether they are a friend from high-school or someone I consider family. I testify that the Lord gives us trials to help us grow. Our father in heaven loves us and wants us all to follow his son Jesus Christ. It is only through him that we are saved. 
All the love In the world Elder Loving Enjoy the pictures. I am sending them in a separate email. 


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