September 20, 2021


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Elda odo kwa ku takes on Ghana

Hello everyone This past week was easily one of the gnarliest times of my life. I left off my last email saying goodbye to the MTC and leaving for Ghana. There is so much to say and I think its best if i explain the days one by one. 
Wednesday I woke up at 4:30 to say goodbye to all my other African elders. (All the elders in my district were going to different missions all over Africa). Once everyone left it was just elder Farabee, Young, Busschau, and I headed to Ghana. After not getting much sleep we woke up again at 6:00 to pack up and leave. We went to the MTC travel office where they gave us our passports and all that other important stuff and shipped us off. Into the world I went with 140 of luggage.  I was in a group of about 16 other elders which later grew to 20. We got on a bus which took us to the train which took us to a light rail which took us to a shuttle to the airport. It was long day of travel from the very start. On the train we had about 2 min to unload every bag we had. Reminder 16 elders, 2 checked bags and a carry on each. When we got to our stop bags were flying out of the train like a hurricane. We unloaded about 40 bags in a matter of a minute.  Fast forward to the plane. Before we boarded our flight, a drunk man started started to bash us and say how we were brain washed into a cult. We ignored him, thanked him for speaking to us, and boarded the plane lol. Now for the worst flight I have ever been on. We boarded the plane and sat there for 2 hours. The pilots were denied there flight plan from the air traffic control. After a while the pilots just left and we got new pilots to take our connecting flight in New York. We were for sure going to miss our flight because of the huge delay. On the flight I prayed and asked heavenly father to help us make our flight. My prayers were answered. When we landed in new York we sprinted to a shuttle to take us to an entirely different area of the JFK airport. We got off the bus and sprinted to our gate and barely made it. 
Thursday This day was all a blur. We landed in Ghana and sat in a long line in customs that went no where. First thing I learned, everyone in Ghana has to be somewhere but there is no sense of urgency. I call It running on Ghana trimester. After another 2 hours of getting bags, going through customs, and showing my passport 100 times we were met by our mission Presidents Brother and Sister Young. We were taken back to the mission home where we got settled and passed out. 
Friday Saturdaywe met our companions. Elder Dirkmaat who I later found out to be related to the Pospisils Is my trainer. We are already good friends and have a lot in common. Our area is in Klagon and is the smallest area. The people are amazing and I have already made so many good friends. The kids here love the elders and I love all of them already. It makes me so happy to see all of them and make them laugh. Hyrum is one of these kids. He is teaching me the native language Twi. 
Sunday Yesterday we went to church and it was so comforting to see how the church is the same all over the world. The lessons and the spirit were the same. We took a tro tro (taxi) to a stake priesthood meeting and and was impressed with how many members of the priesthood are in the Ashaiman stake. I counted and stopped after 90. It is so awesome to see how strong the church is here. Also everyone thinks I'm either American or Chinese and I can see why from the pictures haha.I love you all and will write more next week Peace Elder Oda kwa ku(Elder love Wednesday born) That is the name I was given. 

Sorry about the pictures. I cant access them from my camera, but I will send some good ones next week. 


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