September 7, 2021


Provo, Queen Crrek West Stake, usa


Here I am

Hey everybody!Welcome to my first missionary email. For starters I'd like to say that time works differently out here when you are on the Lord's errand. I have completed my second week of my mission and yet I feel like I should be at six months already. Haha it is so fun here at the MTC, but time moves a little slow. I am surprised at how many people I know here already. Whether I knew them from home, mutual friends, or have tried to cut them in the lunch line, I've made a lot of new homies here in Provo. My district keeps asking how I know everyone already and it's kind of turned into a joke. At meals I'm always saying hi to someone and my district at this point says they are not even surprised lol. This has made me realize one of my spiritual gifts: making friends. I had never really thought of my comfort in socializing as being a spiritual gift, but the spirit has made this apparent to me. How grateful I am for this gift and our Father in Heaven. 
I keep witnessing more and more that this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Even from the very first day. The first real day of MTC, me and the boys woke up early to go ball. Now, I am not good at basketball, but now that I am a missionary, I am really good at basketball. I tell you this, our savior works miracles and he worked a miracle with me on that court. I shot 3s so consistently I had kids asking where I was going to play after the mission. It has been so fun playing basketball here and developing bonds with kids in and out of my district. The gym is alway the highlight of the day. 
I am loving my companion and district. Elder Farabee, Elder Hall (not my companion but nonetheless a dog) and I are taking this place by storm haha. The best part about it is we know how to be spiritual but also have a lot of fun. Class has been hard but very spiritual. I am so blessed to have a companion I knew from highschool. Not only in the MTC but in Ghana as well. The Lord knows my needs before I know them myself and how grateful I am for him. I have also developed a deeper love for the atonement. I am telling you once you devote your days to Christ your understanding and light grows.
Last sunday was a trip. I have never fasted that long in my life. Sacrament was so powerful and I think it was because it was a room full of elders. no screaming babies, no old men snoring, just silence and the spirit. I bore my testimony and it went well. I really felt the spirit guide me to the topic I was meant to share. I bore my testimony on the truthfulness of the mission call. Ibore my witness that i am needed in Ghana. Not Australia, not Switzerland, Not even Poland ;).  ghana and ghana alone.
 Remember a couple lines ago when I said I was loving my district, there is just one kid that has been on my nerves. I hate when people tell me what to do, and he loves to do it. He takes the rules a lot more strictly than I do, and that's ok. Honestly, I should probably start ahah. maybe who knows. Anyway the other day, for some random reason, I was staring at him from across the table and I felt the most insane feeling. I could not even describe the love I just all of a sudden felt for him. It was so strong it changed my view of him in a complete 180. Then it was like that feeling was translated into words spoken from my heart to my head. It said, "This is my son. I love him just as I love you." It was crazy. As simple as those 2 sentences were, it melted my heart. I testify to all of you that our father in heaven loves us well beyond limitation. I know what I felt was only a small ounce of his love and I cannot even imagine the feeling of the infinite love he has. Hope all is well. Week 3 underway. Love alwaysElder Loving


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