March 7, 2016


Belton Ward


Elder Cody Griffin

"My Stomach is on FIRE!"

Here we are. A year from when I got my mission call. A year since
Texas became a apart of my life forever. In many ways it had flown by

so fast and in many ways it has gone by pretty slow. I am also turning

20 soon... Weird... So weird..

This week was definitely a roller coaster. I had a lot of fun times, a

lot of revelatory experiences and a lot of brainstorming.

To start off one of those fun times, we ere on exchange this week with

the district leader. I had a pretty good exchange here with elder

Nasman. We saw a fire (yes a really fire with like firefighters in

action!) so that was really great! We also did another Habenero

challenge. This one wasn't as bad as the last time at least in my

mouth. I actually stayed quite calm. That is until the last little bit

when it started to sear inside of my stomach! In my video you just see

me slowly sink down onto the floor and just lay there. That was pretty

painful but Elder Nasmans response was really hilarious! His face went

all red and he ate about 10 bowls of ice cream trying to get the burn

to stop. Elder Stakkeland and Elder Griffin's video was really great

too! They lasted about 5 minutes before they ate ice cream. Elder

Griffin was bouncing up and down in his chair. This challenge hurts

but is so much fun to see everyone else's reaction! Several of my

emails have included eating hot things... Weird...

We also met a less-active named Brother Warren. He is so great! He is

partially paralyzed and has a lot of other issues but he wants to come

back to church so much. He started to read the Book of Mormon again

and he finished like half of Alma in one day. CRAZY! It will be so

much fun to work with him and watching him make it to the temple to be

sealed to his sweetheart who passed away 13 years ago. This is what I

love about serving mission - seeing people change.

We have also been trying to figure out different methods of finding.

We have come up with some things such as hymn tracting, a Book of

Mormon stand in the park and free family history history help signs.

We have got a list of quite a few things so hopefully here in the next

little bit we get some of these put into action!

I was reading the Book of Mormon like I have been and I got to Mosiah

4 which I knew would be a really awesome chapter to study. Little did

I know what I was in for. As I kept reading I started to get a faint,

positive feeling. A feeling that was reassuring and comforting. It

didn't give me any fear but it gave me confidence. After a few minutes

it started to go away despite my trying for it to come back. However,

because I know I felt that feeling, I know that I will have a

sweetness of joy and a feeling of love and peace. Not just a feeling

of contentment, but of genuine lasting and abiding peace. Now, this is

starting to be more than my motivation it is becoming my reason to

hope - it is building my faith - and it is all because of Jesus

Christ. I am working on attaining celestial obedience. I know that

obedience of any kind is great but I kind of liken President Ames'

observation of the different levels of obedience to Elder Oaks' talk

"Good, Better, Best." The choices are all good, but there are varying

levels of goodness. It is the same way with obedience. That also

reminds me of Alma 32. Being compelled to be humble is still good, but

not as good as choosing to be humble. Now I just feel like I am

rambling. Anywho. I have definitely had my ups and downs this week.

I am still liking this area which is a good thing haha. I do have this

feeling in the back of my mind that I am missing something, I am

overlooking an aspect of something that would help me and the area. I

am not sure what it is. I feel like it is planning and I will say that

I don't feel like I plan as efficiently or as effectively as I could

and should. Maybe it is something about planning that I am forgetting

or overlooking. I am sure that I will find the answer.

Keep the Faith and Hurrah for Israel!

Love your missionary son and brother, Elder Jefferies


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