August 29, 2016


Arlington 6th Ward


Elder Anthony Virgin

The Power of Godliness is Manifest

Sometimes it is hard to believe how fast these weeks go by and they

just keep going faster and faster. It seems like only yesterday I was

packing getting ready to go to the MTC... Sheesh.

This weeks we had two exchanges. One with Arlington 2nd And the other

with the assistants. I was here both times.

With A2 I was with Elder Briggs. He is so dedicated and desires to

serve with all his heart might mind and strength. Something that I

wish I had more of when I had been out as long as he had. He is really

smart. While we were on exchange, we had dinner with a member of the

stake presidency. After dinner and on our way out, I had a thought to

ask him about people we could teach. He gave us a few names. A year

ago I was on exchanges with one of my zone leaders in this area and we

had dinner with this family, we were talking with them about a man who

was taking the lessons. I had an impression to ask the member of the

presidency who that man was. He gave me the name and we left. All was

normal with the rest of that night.

When I was on exchange with the Assistants I was here with Elder

Baker. I love that man. He is so funny and hard working! We visited

the man that we got the referral for the night before and we taught

him! His name is Roy. Roy told us about how the only thing holding him

back from being baptized is that he wanted a confirmation that Joseph

Smith was a prophet. We set up an appointment for tomorrow so we will

see how that goes!

Bob is also coming along great. He is kinda stuck on a few things but

we found out that a big part of his problem is we are all saying the

same thing, but using different words. We are going to need to

carefully and tactfully teach him that we are saying the same thing.

Sam just needs to take a leap of faith and get baptized already he

love s the Book of Mormon and he loves the church but his family just

seems to think that he is getting into the church too fast and have

reacted a little bit negatively. He recognized that he needs to be the

first if they are to follow. He will be baptized soon though!

One day this week Elder Virgin and I were walking down a street and we

were about to turn back and go to our car but then I saw a house. I

had the thought to knock it so we did and lo and behold, we found a

family that we are going to be teaching starting on Wednesday. Super

cool experience and I have had a few of those.

This past week I have continually felt the need to understand

covenants more. I have been studying it and my main questions have

been where does the actual power come from and I have found a few

verses that I have found interesting. In D&C 84:20 it says that "in

the ordinances thereof (the ordinances of the Melchezideck Priesthood)

the power of godliness is manifest." In the previous verse, it is

talking about how the keys of the higher priesthood (the Melchezideck

priesthood) hold the keys to the knowledge of the mysteries of God.

From that I have the inclination that the power we get is from the

knowledge at least in part. I am still not sure! But, covenants are

important because they help us more fully have the gift of the Holy

Ghost. That is basically what everything is hinging on. Wether or not

we have the Holy Ghost. It is a sancitfier, it cleanses us from sin.

Everything that we do. Keep the commandments, read the scriptures,

renew our covenants, attend the temple, serve others. It is all for

the companionship of the Holy Ghost. That also ties into our eternal

perspective. When we base all of our decisions off of wether or not we

will have the same or greater companionship of the Holy Ghost then you

will be able  to make decisions that reflect our love of God and our

commitment to follow him.

I continue to feel the blessings of being a servant to this zone.

There are so many wonderful missionaries here! They are all such

powerhouses that it makes a me want to be better missionary. I am so

looking forward to zone conference and MLC this upcoming week!

Keep the Faith and Hurrah for Israel!

Love, your missionary son, Elder Jefferies


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