October 24, 2016


Arlington 6th Ward


Elder Brandon Harris

Enjoy to the End

This week has been a fantastic week! There was quite a bit going on.

There was Sam's baptism preceded by back to back service projects. and

well, youll read the email....

So, before I get into the rest of my email, you wanna hear a good

story?? Last night at 10:30 when Elder Harris was plugging in the

phone for the night and I was just about to hit the sack, the phone

starts to ring. It's the missionaries from the Arlington 5th ward.

They ask if we can take them to the ER... Yep. We went to the ER

again! Same companionship, different elder haha. It almost ended up

being the same thing because we didn't get to their apartment until

11pm. We needed gas so the only time in my life that I have bought gas

on Sunday was while serving as a missionary... Irony, right? So we

pick them up and take them to an clinic, the same one we went to last

time. Well, we know that they are consistent because we go there at

like 11:30 and left there at about 1 which was the same as last time..

haha man, crazy stuff happens here in Arlington haha. Okay, that wasnt

that crazy. But how many missionaries do you think that can that they

went to 711 at 1am Monday morning to buy a snickers bar and chocolate

milk and be perfectly obedient?? There is a lot more to that story so

you will need to email me if you want it. 😉

 Satan really did not want Sam to be baptized! His family was pushing

back and things weren't going the smoothest. The back to back service

really rushed us and stressed me out! But, he was baptized and

confirmed! That is what matters and that is what happened! That was a

wonderful experience to finally see another baptism. I hope to see

more in this area as time goes on. Not even one hour after the baptism

we get a call. I answer and the person on the other end says, "Hello

Elder Jefferies, it's Elder Spencer calling from SLC." I was confused

because Elder Spencer is the name of the vehicle coordinator for the

mission. It was not that Elder Spencer. He said that he was with a

couple of sisters that wanted to know if Sam got baptized that day. We

said that he did then we hear excited screaming in the background.

Elder Spencer explained that these sisters were the ones that first

helped Sam when he requested a copy of the Book of Mormon. They were

excited! We sent them an email with a picture of the baptism.

Yesterday for the confirmation, sacrament meeting started and he wasnt

there. We were kinda nervous that he wouldn't show up haha. He called

us and told us that he was lost. We recently moved buildings because

of the stake changes and the "new" building is rather confusing to get

to even with a GPS especially if you are like 76 years old... But, he

got there and it went well! HE is getting the Aaronic priesthood next

week and the high priests are already holding onto him tightly. I am

so happy for this man. :) now if only his family would soften up.

On Tuesday we met with a family in the ward, a part-member family. The

wife has medical issues and that is why she doesn't come to church. We

normally go there to teach her but we have shifted our focus to her

non-member husband. He only has a few concerns. The last time we met

with him we started to work on his concerns.

Wednesday night we got a text from Sister Cox's home teacher asking if

we could grieve her a blessing as she was in the hospital. We went and

gave her a blessing and on our way out a short little black lady

called us over. We went over to her. Turns out she was a chaplain for

the hospital. We talked to her for a bit and we taught her about our

organization and beliefs about things. We especially taught how Christ

is at the center of it all. She was really impressed and we invited

her to learn more. She accepted and so we got her info to the

missionaries in her area.

We went on a day exchange with the assistants. Man, that was a blast!

I went to Colleyville and did some service, prosylyted on a college

campus and went to Costa Vida for dinner. :) That made me happy.

Broke, but happy... 😂 I learned a lot from Elder Bird. particularly

about showing my love for those that I talk to the first time I talk

to them. They aren't going to be attracted to doctrine, they are going

to be attracted to the results of the doctrine: Pure, Christlilke


Cinthia and Brenda are coing along. Well, mostly just Cinthia. Brenda

isn't as interested but she also hasn't been reading the Book of

Mormon so that goes to show that if you want a testimony, read the

scriptures! Cinthia will probably be baptized next month. We are gonna

set a date here in the next few visits.

Gabrielle is really busy. She just needs to learn how to manage her

time and get a better job instead of two of them. She has basically

stopped progressing. But, the Relief Society knows that her

grandmother is there so she will not lose contact with the church.

We got new Relief Society and Elders Quorum Presidents as well as a

new ward mission leader. our old Elders Quorum President is now our

ward mission leader. We are sad to see Brother Peterson get released

but it's exciting too see the changes.

Guys, I have written a lot about the Doctrine of Christ. I don't relly

plan to stop but today I want to continue on my thought of enduring to

the end. To endure to the end sounds really painful and long and

annoying. It doesnt need to be and it isn't supposed to be. in 2 Nephi

2 Lehi teaches us that men are to have joy. Joy is a deep abiding

happiness that doesn't depend on outside circumstances to exist.

Gordon B. Hinkcley taught that life is meant to be enjoyed not just

endured. So we know that we need to obey the commandments and all

that. But how do we do it all? How do we endure to the end? Keep in

mind that once you are at this point in teh doctrine of Christ, you

have already repented and have made a covenant with God. D&C 58:27

teaches that we are to anxiously engaged in a good cause. I have often

found that if I am not busy, I am tempted more and am more likely to

give into those temptations. Idle hands are the devils workshop.

3 Nephi 12:22-23 helps us understand that if our eye is single to the

glory of God, meaning that we seek his kingdom and will first (v.

33-34), our whole body will be filled with light because. Helaman

teaches us that when we bridle our passions, we are filled with love.

Light and love in this case are the same thing. So, if I can summarize

my scattered thoughts, how do we endure to the end and have true joy

in our lives?

1. Repent daily and prepare to take the sacrament weekly and with real intent.

2. Always seek first the kingdom of God so that you may have the power

of god with you.

3. Be anxiously engaged in good causes, but make sure to be engaged

with the best causes first such as daily scripture study and sincere


As we do these things, we will be filled with light and others will

see it. We will have joy in our lives that will not fade as long as we

are doing those things that we know please our Father in Heaven.

Keep the Faith and Hurrah for Israel!

Love, your missionary son and brother, Elder Jefferies

Elder Bird and I. this is the same Costa Vida that I went to over a

year ago after our meeting for the iPads.


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