December 12, 2016


Arlington 6th Ward


Elder Brandon Harris


This past week was a blast! Half of it was in a trio with Elder Saluone. He is a funny elder. And, we hit 18 lessons! It isn't 20, but with all that went on it was a pretty good number. I am really excited to be with Elder Newey in Burleson. He is a cool elder. 
My new address is:
355 NW Hillery St. #912 Burleson, TX 76028
My companion is Elder Newey. He is pretty cool. He loves adrenaline sports so we will get along pretty well. He very well may be my final companion if we stay together for the next 3 transfers. We are whitewashing into the area so it will be an adventure! I am so excited!
Elder Winterbottom had to go home this past week for knee surgery so we were with his companion for a little bit until transfers. He is so awesome and funny.
We saw the Waldmans and they are doing well. We taught them about revelation. Not the book, the principle. It was really cool. We were joking around and asked Faith (the youngest) if she had the lesson prepared. Cheyanne said that it isn't that hard. You just need to flip to a random verse and read it a few times then you can teach it. We then said ok, you do it. So she did. She turned to Jacob 3:1. Awesome scripture. In it, she got her answer to a question that she asked a while ago. We took that opportunity to teach about revelation. It was really cool. I learned that I should probably teach those I teach about how to study and receive revelation. 
We also saw Cinthia adn Brenda. We are going to drop her because she is not ready at this point. Very receptive to us, but unsure about her commitment to really follow God or have a relationship with Him. I kinda dropped the mic about eternal progression. They said it made sense but unsure of how much they truly grasped it. I was super bold though. That tends to happen with me. Good visit though! 
We taught Nikki Mitchell after that. She has a really full plate right now but is a testimony that no matter how busy you are, you can always find time to read the Book of Mormon. She is doing 14 different things that take up a large amount of her time. She is insanely smart and is most definitely an over achiever. Like, the epitome of over achiever. And she is ADD. But she is so much fun and we change change gears from super spiritual to normal just like that. It is kinda weird... She is pretty great. 
We also had our downstairs neighbor complain about how loud Elder Saluone is. It was actually really funny. I just kinda took her argument, and threw it on the floor then explained the situation about how we live in an apartment so it doesn't matter how hard you try you will be heard by your neighbors then gave her a nativity.
We had a really cool experience yesterday. We taught a referral that we got. It was a Bible referral who also expressed some interest in the Book of Mormon. We got in and we invited everyone who would join us to join in on the lesson. We introduced ourselves and learned their names. We got straight into it. We were WA skiing questions and I was actively trying to do everything that I learned and could remember about teaching. In the begging, we introduced the Book of Mormon and said that we were going to teach what it is and such. Ther was a woman there who said that she did not want a copy of the Book of Mormon. When we were done, we planted the flag with baptism, and they knew that we were there for a reason and what that reason was and she accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and they said that they would read and pray to know for themselves. It was a really cool experience.
As i have been packing up to transfer, I found that I have some things that I don't need at least right now. I have been taking this opportunity to de-clutter my possessions. Funny enough, when I was listening to talks this morning in my shower, I came across a talk by Elder William R. Bradford in the April 1992 General Conference entitled "Unclutter Your Life." In it he talks about how his children (and many other people) fill their life with so many things that they forget the right things and the best things. In my studies this morning, I came across a familiar verse of scripture.
Luke 12:31 
"But rather seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you."
There were so many scriptures that I found this morning that correlate to this and I can see the underlying principle of sacrifice. We all have many things that we love to do. Many things that are good and we benefit from. But many of us let those good things get in the way of doing the things that will draw us nearer to our Heavenly Father. A family trip or activity might be a good and fun thing to do that will bring the family closer together and it is and does. But when it takes precedence over going to church or attending the temple it is actually inhibiting our ability to receive the blessings that he has in store for us. In essence, we are denying ourselves access to the Atonement. And I am not saying that we do that very often. Another scripture I found this morning:
Matthew 5:6 
"Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled."
Now, there are many things that, when done in the right priority, are wonderful and do build faith and testimony. But the key is to be able to prioritize the things that we have in our lives. When we give the most important things priority then we will have time to do those other things that we want to do. This is a skill that I have learned over time on my mission. Putting ht important things first so that you can accomplish more. 
So, I guess my whole message today is to read the scriptures and pray to find out which priorities you need to change and what you can do to draw yourself closer to God. I know that when we do, we shall be filled with the spirit of God. There are many talks and scriptures that teach this principle that will help.
Keep the Faith and Hurrah for Israel! 
Love, your missionary son and brother, Elder Jefferies
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Elder Saluone, me and Elder Harris.

Me and Sam. Imma gonna missionaries this guy!
They fell asleep during lunch. Elder Saluone was using the hearth as a pillow! His face hurt after.

Matt at his gym this morning. It was super fun to train with him for the past three months!


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