December 26, 2016


Burleson Ward


Elder Matthew Newey

Choose Ye This Day

Well, yet another Christmas has come and gone away. Crazy how fast

that goes. I had an enjoyable Christmas. The church service was

fantastic! It was a bunch of song that both the congregation and the

ward choir. A new favorite Christmas song is "While Shepherds Watched

their Flocks." It's just a cool song :)

On thursday we had a Christmas devotional. This year we didn't watch

"A Christmas Carol" so that breaks that tradition... oh well. It's not

like it wasn't a 14 year old tradition for me haha. Instead we watched

"Christmas for a Dollar." It is a fantastic movie and might become one

that I watch each year. Y'all should watch it some time.

Our Skype call home was enjoyable! I loved seeing you guys again :)

Only a few more months until we meet at SLC but it is still few months

away... Sorry we didn't talk about as many things this time.

Hailey, it still blows my mind that you're getting married in like 48


Thiebauds are awesome. We went to their home Christmas Eve and day.

Man, it is literally a circus there haha. We got to play with some of

their new toys (a hoverboard, a unicycle, a ripstick and a drone. No,

we didn't fly the drone, we just watched it.) They were pretty


Through a series of unknown miracles and tender mercies we found Patty

Holkim. She was taught by the missionaries in past just a little bit

so we swung by. It went from "no, i already have a church home" to

"teach me about the message that you share" in about 10ish minutes. We

showed her the Christmas video and she liked it. When the spirit was

there, we testified about how much the message we share will bless her

and her family. She said well, sit down and share it with me! She also

said that she did not have a Christmas tree and her mother was coming

into town the next day. We told her we had one that she could have so

the next day we brought her our Christmas tree. She was so thankful

for such a simple thing. But really, it is the simple things that are

the truly enjoyable things in life :)

We got a bible referral so we called and set up a time to come and

share the Bible and the message of The Restoration. We got there,

knocked on the door and got a screaming lady yelling at us telling us

that she was calling the cops, we dont speak English and said that she

called us multiple times and that she had said that she didn't want us


Victor Mendias was an investigator that the elders before us were

teaching. He is a really super solid guy. He is being baptized this

Saturday!! I don't know how I spaced that. He has been investigating

the church for about 6 months now. He will be baptized on December

31st and confirmed on January 1st. How awesome is that! Brand new year

and a fresh start! We are super excited for him.

On Saturday we also went to a members home and decorated gingerbread

houses. This is mine:


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