February 6, 2017


Burleson Ward


Elder Matthew Newey

God is a God of Miracles :)

Well I guess I'll give y'all the rundown for this past week.

We did a nerf war with the zone this past Monday and it was a blast!

In some cases quite literally. Haha. It gets tiring though after about

two hours.

Victor is progressing really well. He is finding a lot of his

ancestors on Family Search and he is reading the Book of Mormon

everyday. This past Sunday he passed the sacrament so that was great

to see!

Violet is still coming to church, she still just has a hold up. But,

she is coming and she is progressing mostly haha. She will get the

rest of the way. She got asked to be on a planning committee for the

Relief Society this year. She was super excited! To get that invite!

We got a referral from a member this past week, his name is Brian. We

taught him The Restoration and he loved it. We invited him to pray and

to be baptized and he said yes! That was exciting. He even came to

church this past Sunday. We got a text from him this morning asking us

how hard it would be to get a blessing to help him to overcome

smoking. We told him it wasn't that hard, we would just give one to

him the next time we saw him. He has the desire and since that desire

is there, it won't be long until he is baptized!

JKay was a referral from SLC. She requested a bible and when we taught

her part of the Plan of Salvation she loved it. She will hopefully

also love The Restoration but we will see this week. She was super

receptive and open to having us come back. But, just like everyone

else in this area it seems like, she already is really involved in a

church. But, we will see what happens.

Saturday we had a few appointments that fell through so we stopped by

a bunch of people that were in our areabook. Most of them weren't

there but we taught the people that were there instead and so now, we

have about 4 new investigators and appointments this next week. We

hope that we will se something come of it! It sold be exciting!

Our mission has a new focus point. Working with the youth and the

young adults. We have seen it be really effective; one of the areas in

hte zone has had at least one baptism every month and it has all been

from the youth. Of course we aren't going to stop working with other

people but we will make more of an effort to teach them and work with


Y'all remember the story that I told about Mel? She was the woman that

Elder Newey and I helped move on the spur of the moment whi;e we were

proselyting about a month ago. If you dont remember, her eis the

abreveiated version: Elder Newey and I were on exchange with a couple

RM's in our ward. We had two or three appointments lined but they all

fell through. We decided that we would follow up with an investigator

that we had never met but lived near by. When we got to the house, we

met a woman named Mel. Mel seemed distraught. She was not the person

we were looking for but as good missionaries we asked if she had a

couple of moments. She said that she was busy moving and explained

that she needed to be gone by that evening but had no help so she

needed to move quickly. Since we had a truck, a couple other strong

young men and some open time, we offered our assistance. She accepted

and said that if we helped she wold listen to our message. Even when

the two RM's needed to go we recruited our Elders Quorum President and

he came and helped finish the job. We moved her stuff to a storage

unit in Joshua and got her info so the missionaries could reach out to


Now for part two of this story: On, Saturday. Elder Newey and I got a

text from the Joshua/Centennial sisters (the missionaries that Mel was

sent to) telling us that they just set a date with Mel! Mel is being

baptized on February 25th! We were stoked at the news knowing that we

were instruments in the hands of God on that one. It showed us that no

effort that we put forth in this work is meaningless or worthless.

Everything that we do counts!

As for our own area, and the stake, we decided to take the advice of

President Kaufman and reach out to our High Councilman over missionary

work. He was excited to hear from us and explained that there was

something shown in his home ward that he believes will help involve

the members. He has fought the vision of the Work of Salvation

broadcast that took place in 2013 and he is sharing that with the High

Council and the Stake President! The work in this area is going to

move forward at an accelerated pace when the leadership of this stake

has that vision instilled in their hearts.

You know, I am so grateful to our Heavenly Father that we have

prophets. I am grateful that they lead and guide us today. There is a

wonderful quote that I found by Elder David A. Bednar that explains

something that I love about prophets and dispensations.

"A gospel dispensation is a period of time in which the necessary

priesthood authority, ordinances, and doctrinal knowledge are found on

the earth to implement the Father’s plan of salvation for His

children. Essential to the establishment of a dispensation is an

authorized servant of God, a dispensation head, who holds and

exercises the authority and keys of the holy priesthood. Gospel

dispensations were established through Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham,

Moses, Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith, and others. In every dispensation

gospel truths are revealed anew—or dispensed—so the people of that

period are not entirely dependent upon past dispensations for

knowledge of Heavenly Father’s plan." Elder David A. Bednar "To Sweep

the World As With A Flood"

I really love how simple that was. The priesthood is restored on the

earth that allows for ordinances to be done in righteousness. We have

sound doctrine found in scriptures and in the words of the living

prophets. All of this is so that we can be happy in this life and in

the life to come. I love prophets because they help me to come closer

to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Because of the words of the

prophets, i can understand more fully the attributes, the characters

and the love of God. I know how to repent and to become better. All of

this is because of revelation. The relationship is purely between me

and my Heavenly Father, but I am so thankful for the way that prophets

help me to deepen and strengthen that relationship. I know that there

are living prophets on the earth today. If you haven't had the

spiritual witness of that, then I invite you read General Conference

talks, listen to them. Ask Heavenly Father if they are really His

prophets. He will tell you.

"If any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God. Who giveth to all men

liberally and upbraideth not and it shall be given him."

Keep the Faith and Hurrah for Israel!

Love, your missionary son and brother, Elder Jefferies

We went muddling today for pday with a member.


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