January 25, 2016


Belton Ward


Elder Justin Fairchild

"We Were Going to Get Ice Cream, You Want to Come With?"

So this last week was pretty great!

Last Monday I tried to save a few bucks by cutting my own hair which
turned out pretty well except for my hard part... I was doing it in
the mirror so my coordination was kinda off. Well I May or May not
have made the part about a 1/4 wide which is not what is supposed to
be, it is supposed to be about the width of the clipper blade thingy.
It looked pretty bad and every one of the hair cutting places had at
least a 45 minute wait which we were not going to do. I ended up
having Elder Williams cut the sides a little shorter so it wasn't as
noticeable. I cut my hair this morning and it seems pretty good if I
do say so myself!

During Pday we were playing scatterball and I got hit in the face
pretty hard. I felt like I got a concussion and I am pretty sure that
I did. That night after dinner we had to go back to the apartment
early because I had a pretty big headache, which is something that I
do not get very much at all. I went to bed that night around 8:30 and
woke up the next day and my head was not very good haha. Later in the
week on Saturday we were all playing scatterball for our morning
workout and I got hit in the face again haha. I just can't seem to get
away from it!! My head doesn't seem to be that bad now so yeah haha.
Luckily though and strangely enough there are two UT certified EMTs so
we got it covered haha.

On wednesday we had a worldwide missionary broadcast from which I
learned a lot of things but most of which y'all wouldn't really
understand. It really opened my eyes to a few things about member
missionary work and how missionaries are supposed to work with and
through members.

Last Friday there was a wind storm and while we were in an appointment
a basketball hoop fell onto our car and dented it. Elder Moss, the
vehicle coordinator called us about it and told us to go get a quote
for how much it would cost. We don't know how much it is but they did
say that it would be two weeks before we would get our car back after
they started to work on it. That should be fun haha!

Because the teaching pool and the Number of people that we are
working with is very small we have resorted to tracting. We
prayerfully picked out about 10 streets and narrowed it down to one
street that we are going to tract at a specific time and day. Well
when Elder Lewis and I were on exchange on Saturday we decided that we
would tract one of the streets that Elder Farichild and I picked. I
figured we prayerfully picked out all of those streets so we might as
well tract all of them. We started tracting along and nothing really
came of it, got someone who just. Wanted to cash with us and try to
tell us we were wrong but by the time we said we had to go he ended up
saying without realizing it that he disagrees with his bible and that
a church other than the one he attends is the true church and he still
loves his church. That's great and all but you see the blindness that
the craftiness of men can bring and it is so sad that people can be so
easily entreated to believe something so confusing yet still be so
stubborn to believe the plain and simple facts that the gospel of
Jesus Christ has.

We also, still on the same street, found an old German woman. She was
very kind and very open to us! We expressed that we wanted to share a
message that has changed our lives. She said she was busy but we gave
her a pamphlet. She started to go into the back of her house and said
that she would be back in a moment. She came back with a 20 dollar
bill. We tried to refuse but when an old German woman tells you
something you do it haha! That was a little act of kindness and
something that you don't see very often.

At the end of the street we knocked one of the last doors. It was an
Indian family (not Native American but like actually from India,
Indian). They let us in and were very nice! We started to teach them
and they were very curious about it all! It was awesome and we were so
glad that something had actually come form tracting! We had an
appointment at 4 and we got out of there at 3:55 so we had to run, in
our shirts and ties with our bags almost a half mile back to the car.
Man, I am so out of shape and the sad thing is down here it is only
like 700 feet above sea level if that haha. My throat was hurting and
man haha Utah is going to be pretty strenuous in another 14 months...

Later on Saturday night (pretty much everything happened on
Saturday.), we tried to visit a less active member. We knocked on the
door, he opened and said the usual "I don't go to that church anymore;
I am not a member there." Well, we persisted a little bit and we
offered if there was any service that could be rendered there. He said
no and I can't remember how we got from helping him to the fact that
they were going to go get ice cream but he said, "We were just about
to go get some ice cream, you want to come with us?" We were totally
taken aback - no one talks to us that much let alone offer to take us
somewhere for food! In my mind I was first going to say no, but thank
you but then I realized that we would be alone with this guy for about
30 minutes and we would be able to get know him and start building a
relationship with him. So, we said, "Yes." After we got into the car I
thought, "We've never met this guy and we just got into his car...
Hmm... Well, I have lived a goo life I guess." Don't worry it was all
great! We got ice cream with him and we got to know him pretty well!
We think that with patience, long suffering and love unfeigned he will
come back. He is such a cool guy!

I have recently been making a more concerted effort to pray. I am not
saying this to brag or openly repent but I am saying it to demonstrate
that you can always improve your prayers. In any relationship
communication is the the key to an understanding and true love. Prayer
is an amazing thing. We always have some one that will listen and help
us through our trials. However, it is a two way communication. God
will speak to you through the scriptures and the living prophets which
are confirmed by the Holy Ghost. It is also like investing, the more
you put into it, the more you will get out of it. The power of prayer
is something that I have experienced. I know that prayer works and
that it will help you out in more ways than you know!

I love you guys!

Keep the Faith and Hurrah for Israel!

Love, your missionary brother and son, Elder Jefferies


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