December 14, 2015


Belton Ward


Elder Saia Sikaleti

Week of December 7 - 13

Hey Family!

Staying true to our family tradition, once I got warm clothing and was
prepared for the cold weather, it went away.

This week has been a pretty fun one! We had zone conference this last
week which there is more coming later in the email. There was a
missionary farewell yesterday and we had two investigators at church!
Despite this the fun this week, there were still the hard moments.

Zone Conference!!! It was on Friday and we had a lot of fun. The
spirit was so strong it felt like I was in the temple it was so
strong! We counseled a lot about working with members and the cool
thing about how President Ames does this is he really truly counsels.
He lets the spirit guide the conversation. It was so great!

There has been a young man that has been hanging out with us at pday
here and giving us rides etc. He leaves to New Zealand tomorrow so his
farewell was yesterday. He had "Pies and Ties" at the Relief Society
President's home. It was a really fun event! His name is Oren and he
is going to be such a great missionary. He is super excited. We're
actulally bowling with him and his older brother right now.

Now for the investigators! One of them is a new one! One of the
families in the ward brought her to church. (I just got a strike btw)
Her name is Leah and she is super awesome already! We are going over
to teach her tomorrow at the members home. So she came and one of the
members wives came. We don't teach her, but since she comes to church
and we have taught her in the past she still counts. Sadly, Danielle
did not come yesterday. Her sister did but she didn't. We also moved
her date to January 9th. The reason why is because her Mom didnt want
ot do it the day after Christmas. It makes sense because that way more
people will actually show up. She is a great young woman.

As far as investigators go, we have kinda given Ramiro and Brandon a
break. We haven't been able to meet with them, they just never answer
the door.

So on Saturday we didn't have a ton of people to go see so we tried to
just stop by members and get to know them. We stopped by a family
called the Walker family. The y just had a baby in September so they
had the baby blessing yesterday. because of this, brother walkers
parents were in town and they were getting to know us and guess what!
They lived in Henderson! They know grandma and grandpa Jefferies! I
got a picture with them attache below. Just another tender mercy!

As I get closer to celebrating Christmas for the first time without my
family I have thought a lot about how much I miss them. It makes me so
glad that I have the testimony I do have about the Plan of Salvation
and Jesus Christ's Atonement. With how lonely I feel sometimes I know
that it doesn't compare to how lonely people who don't have the same
knowledge that I have feel when they have lost loved ones. To them,
they don't have know that there is hope. They can see their loved one
again. The reason why is the reason why we celebrate Christmas. Jesus
Christ makes it all possible.. Without His birth, without His perfect
love and without the Atonement, none of this is possible. I know that
Jesus Christ is the Messiah. He is the one that saves us form the
bonds of death and sin. He is the real gift at Christmas. I know that
He lives and because He lives, we all can live again. We can return to
live with our Father in Heaven and our families for eternity.

I love you guys so much and although I miss you guys and am a little
lonely, don't worry! I knew this would happen and it is alright! I am
well taken care of!

Love, your missionary son and brother, Elder Jefferies

I will just send the picture with the picture emails.


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