November 30, 2015


Belton Ward


Elder Saia Sikaleti

That Totally Just Happened!

Well hello hello!

What a week! a couple exciting things happened, well they're exciting for missionaries anyway.

So first off, since I don't think I said this last week, happy Thanksgiving! I hope y'all hade a really nice thanksgiving down in Henderson! Morgan and Mom both emailed me about it and sounds like it was a blast as per usual! I love Thanksgivings down in Henderson! I also totally forgot to ask you guys to swing by Faye who lives in Kanab now. Oh, well... You guys will probably go through those parts at some point over the next year and a half... That is also crazy, I am at 7 1/2 months exactly today... This is flying by so fast!

I spent my first Thanksgiving (thats right, as missionaries most of the time you get multiple holiday meals ;P) at a family by the name of the Smiths. There are many of them so I probably won't reveal their identity or anything. Well, they invited the whole district over (6 missionaries) and a few other people so there was a lot of food! Luckily we ate at 3:30 so it was rather nice because we had that second dinner around 6:30. There were two turkeys, which by the way were really good! I think they might have changed my perspective on turkeys! There was also a rack of ribs.. Man, my stomach just growled thinking about them! After we all ate and dispersed there was still a lot of food so guess who took it home... Yup, we did. We had a lot of left overs most of which are gone now which shows that we do eat a lot just over a period of time haha!

The ward also had a turkey bowl (just touch football) at the local high school's turf field. It was a lot of fun! Brandon came out and played with us. It started to rain so we were slipping all over the place on that turf! Early on in the game my foot busted out the side of my shoe so I need to go get new shoes haha. That was really my day on Thanksgiving.

Now for another exciting thing. So remember how my first week here in belton (7 weeks ago) there was a girl that was getting baptized named Katelynn? Well, we were working with her sister as well, Danielle. This family is super hard to get set appointments with because they are really busy and their schedule gets out of whack all the time. Well, we had a set a appointment and they didn't cancel! We are going over the lessons again with Katelynn and we decided to try to get other people in the house Old Testament com e in and join the lesson. Well, Danielle did! As the lessons went on we slowly turned out attention to Danielle and we eventually asked her if she would be baptized. She said yes! Danielle has a baptismal date for the 26th of December! We are so excited!

Man, like I said, it has been a really good week!

I am not sure if you guys could tell, and Mom and Dad know about this, but this last transfer had some of the hardest moments in my entire life that I can remember. Harder than school, harder than races or even math problems. I kneeled down to ask for help and guidance so many times can't count them. I cried a lot (yes, missionaries cry). We barely taught anyone, Elder Sikaleti and I didn't get along very well, we were struggling to find people and teach. I started to have issues being motivated and wanting to go do missionary work. However, it will probably be the most memorable one I have had. I grew immensely in spiritual strength. I learned a lot about myself, the scriptures, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. My love for them has grown. My relationship has been strengthened. My desire to love them and serve them has increased. My trust and faith has deepened. My determination to do as much as I can has grown. For the most part there isn't a single aspect of me that hasn't grown, been strengthened or discovered. Missions are hard. I miss you guys, I miss dating (not as much as you guys), I miss driving a jeep or anything higher than 8 inches off the ground for that matter. I miss listening to Muse, Imagine Dragons and other music that I like. I miss explorers and firefighting. But despite all that, if I were to be doing anything else at this moment, good or bad, it wouldn't be the best thing for me. This is worth more than any scholarship, training, race, band, driving experience, or anything else I could have done at this point in my life. I encourage you guys to seriously consider serving a mission. Prayer about it, fast about it talk to Mom and Dad about it.

The Sacrament meeting has become my favorite part of every week. It is super crucial for us to be able renew our covenants with our Heavenly Father and remember Jesus Christ. The sacrament can be a time of healing and a time of rejoicing. As I have strived to put more effort into it I have gotten more out of it. When we pray and when we prepare we will get more out of it. I have found that when I try to pray and reflect on my actions from the past week and I ask for forgiveness for my shortcomings and ask for help to recognize what I can improve on. When I do that I feel the spirit help me know that I, because of Christ's Atonement, have been forgiven. I invite you to do three things this next week:

1) Pray before Sunday and ask forgiveness of the things that you have or have not done. ( We should be doing this everyday but be sure to do this seriously before Sunday.)
2) During the actual sacrament, starting with the prayer, try to focus your thoughts on Jesus Christ and pray to feel His love for you and the Holy Ghost.
3) Make a note of a few things that you feel like you need to change or improve on I the upcoming week and pray for help everyday with those things.

As you do this, I can and do promise that you will feel closer to Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. You will feel the Holy Ghost in your life. I also want to hear of your experience next week if you try this and feel comfortable telling me.

I am so excited for this Christmas season! I am so excited that you guys are all learning and growing! I want each of you to know that I love you so much and my love deepens as time goes on.

Keep the Faith and Hurrah for Israel!

I love you guys so much! Love, your missionary brother and son, Elder Jefferies

PS: I got to spend a little of Thanksgiving with you guys in Henderson! :P


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