October 26, 2015


Belton Ward


Elder Saia Sikaleti

Shoutout from Belton!

Well hey there!

I am running out of different ways to say hello if y'all haven't
noticed haha... This week in Belton we spent a lot of time in the car,
like at least 6 hours probably.. This area is so spread out it is
almost as big as the Arlington Stake. So yeah there is that...

Not a whole lot happened this week like at all. We literally just
drove around trying to figure out who the previous missionaries were
talking to and teaching. However, in the course of all this we found a
few people that we should be able to teach but not many or really big
events that would be worth writing. I will say though that it is
getting way too cold here!!! It is like 60 degrees! Yes, I know that
it is colder in other places and I am thankful for that but still haha
it doesnt change the fact that it is cold for me here.

We are not moving quite yet so I guess next week is when y'all should
start sending whatever to the mission office if you were planning on
sending or writing me.

Things are starting to get a little busier with a few lessons
and a few new investigators but the future is a little unsure right
now. We have talked to a lot of less active members and part member
families but not to much avail.

Story time:

I remember hearing a story when I was in primary about a little girl
who took her father lunch one summer. It was a warm summer day and her
father was digging a water well. The hole he had dug was deep enough
that the little girl could hear her father’s voice but she could not
see him. When she got to the well she called down to her father to
tell him she was going to lower the lunch down in the bucket. To this
her father replied, “Why don’t you just jump, I will catch you and we
can eat lunch together?” Of course, this little girl now had some
choices. Did she believe that her father was down in the well and did
she believe that he could catch her? She could not see the bottom of
the well and could not even see her father. However, because she
believed so much that he was there and could catch her, she jumped. Of
course her father caught her and they enjoyed their lunch together.
Now I don’t know if this is a true story but it certainly could be.
What is more important is what this story demonstrates and that is
that believing is one thing, acting on that belief is real faith.

Really I don't have a whole lot to email about... I wish that I did
but not a whole lot of exciting things happened this week.

I love you guys! Keep the Faith and Hurrah for Israel!

Love, you missionary son and brother, Elder Jefferies


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