June 15, 2015


Arlington 1st Ward


Elder BJ Price

Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire!!

Dear Family!!

This week has been full of ups and downs. We've been very busy inputting teaching records into our iPads so it seems like we haven't been very productive which I hate. Ihate not feeling productive. But, I'm glad that every other missionary is doing the same thing and I'm glad that I don't need to do it again. Major events this week there were but a few however, we did have some pretty awesome things happen.

I finally convinced Elder Price to let me turn my desk so now I have more room and more light. We got a lamp so our apartment is brighter which is yay! And my mind has been totally enlightened as far as the millennium. Our supplies shelf is organized, we got more restoration pamphlets so now we have like 150ish now which is amazing! We won't run out for a while!!

So one of my favorite things that happened this week was Monday night. Why so many cool things happen right after I send my email out, I have no idea haha but hey, it happens. So Monday night. Remember that Book of Mormon referral that we got last week? We finally got a hold of her. As we were going up the stairs to her apartment, she lives on the second floor, we smelled some AMAZING! So, when we were talking to her, we complimented her on what smelled awesome. She asked us if we wanted any to which we said sure. She told us it's a little spicy and we thought "Well, we've had some pretty spicy Mexican food." So we said "well be fine" We were not fine. Exact opposite of fine... I have never in my life put anything that spicy into my mouth. Like, I wouldn't be surprised if it were made with ghost pepper extract it was so hot! It was probably illegal haha. Elder Price's mouth was so hot he was sweating, like dripping, off his face. He couldn't teach her so I taught the lesson. My mouth was burning but not quite as much. Once I realized how big of a mistake I had made by putting that liquid heat into my mouth I acknowledged the extreme pain and pushed through it (thank you cross country training!). But, if given the opportunity to have it again, I might actually do it haha cause why not? We're on this earth to learn, grow and be stretched!! That woman by the way is now an investigator! We've taught her twice and she has come to sacrament meeting twice! She even stayed for all three hours yesterday!!! Ah so exciting!

I guess the next thing would be the bible referral, he was taught once more as well which is also awesome! He is making a lot more sense but he doesn't quite understand the whole second chances thing so were gonna teach him a pretty extensive Plan of Salvation lesson next time. I learned that most people here in Texas really LOVE the book of Revelation. That and the book of Acts but even then only the first three chapters haha! He is really caught with the "lake of fire and brimstone" and damnation and stuff so hopefully we can help him realize that God does in fact love us and is not doing this for his own entertainment and sadistic pleasure.

I'm not sure why, but I just have felt weird. Like something is off. I'm not sure what, but it feels like something is off and it bugs. Like a lot. I'll figure it out eventually I typically do.

I'm starting to figure out the balance of using my paper things and my iPad which is actually pretty difficult to do. A lot of these things will become more and more natural as we keep going and things will also work themselves out.

Probably our most spiritual experience this week at least for me was our latest lesson with our eternagator. I wanted to check for how deep her spiritual roots went but we were mostly checking for understanding about the last five or six principles she needed to know. Keep in mind she has been meeting with the missionaries for seven months now, goes to just about every Sunday meeting and has studied the gospel principles book, the Ezra Taft Benson book, and the entire standard works... She has read The book of Abraham several times... Several! And she isn't even a member yet!!! So we finished all the principles and then, just like magic, she started to bear mad testimony! Just randomly telling us and testifying about everything! Missionary work, baptism, the scriptures, Book of Mormon, the prohpets, the first vision, Joseph Smith everything!! It's so crazy!!!

We got a call to go give a members nephew a blessing. He was in the hospital so it was pretty cool. Going back somewhere where I kinda felt at home ;) one of his lungs had collapsed Nd he had two chest tubes! We blessed him with health (obviously), and faith. Keep in mind, he is not a member of the church. The spirit was crazy strong! I love giving blessings it's so Awesome! Speaking of, I don't think I ever told you about ye morning I left for the airport from the MTC. One of the sisters that was traveling in our group wanted a blessing so we gave her one, ON THE FRONT RUNNER AT 4:30 IN THE MORNIG!! It was awesome! Ah I've had so man cool experiences and opportunities!

It's kinda weird, it doesn't seem like I have left home. I mean, I know I have, but like, it feels like I'm at home. I am not very home sick and yeah, I know it's only been two months nd I've been gone almost just as long, but I haven't seen y'all in two months and I don't talk to y'all very often either.. I think it may be because 1) we are pretty independent kids I mean, we go camping, we do sports, and most of us could probably survive in the Unitas for at least ten days by our selves and 2) I'm the oldest and have kind grown independent the past little bit. It might also be because I know that I have a limited amount time to dedicate 24/7 to the Lord which means I might as well give my all and because it's limited, there will be a time when I see y'all again and it really isn't that far away. I can draw on so many experiences from growing up with y'all and being raised by you. Be it knowing how to fix odds and ends thanks to Dad, making food because I've watched Mom and Hailey do it, how to plan, or how to clean or organize. (I know it doesn't seem like I learned that but in did and from what I can see I'm one of the more clean and organized missionaries) all of that came from y'all. Oh, by the way, I found a few cool things for Nathan And Tyler.. It's Lego stuff. There is a man in our ward that buys Lego kits, breaks them into individual pieces and sells those prices on the Internet and makes around 3,000 dollars off of it every year.. He also has at least 850 Lego kits. Albeit most of the, are the same, but Lego doesn't make like the majority of them anymore so it's pretty crazy!! Also, there is a book called the Bricks of Mormon.. It is the Book of Mormon told by pictures of Lego figurines... Pretty awesome I think!!

Being a cross country runner has come I handy a lot. Missionary work is tiring. I a, not going to lie. Most of the days I am not entirely sure how I do because by lunch time all my body wants to do is sleep. It's also nice because I know and I've experienced how high a level my body can function at even though it hasn't for a while, I still know that my body can and will do it. Shouts out to Debbie and the rest of BXC. Biking to institute on a fixie also helped out a bit.

Oh my goodness, his is so juice to just be able to sit down and write out super detailed emails because I dont need to do it in like 45 minutes I can do it throughout the week!!!

Hmmm... Now it is time for my spiritual thought...

I have started to become sincerely fascinated with the millennium. Well really from the spirit world on but it is a really awesome. Revelation (my new favorite book) goes over a lot of the events and I didn't know that satan would be loosed at the end of the thousand years that Christ is reigning on the Earth. But can you imagine, the amount of growth that is taking place within our lives during this short time here in this mortal form is nothing really compared to what we will learn when Christ reigns again. It's kinda weird, we don't know as much as we did before we got here on the earth because you know, we had progressed as much as we could without a body. While at the same time, we are smarter than we were before.. Now I realize that we know different things, but it's still kinda true.

Also, to kinda go along with that, when the Holy Ghost brings things to remembrance, it quite possibly could be echoing the testimony we bore of Christ before coming into mortality. He could be reminding us of what we already knew cause really, our spirits are familiar with the knowledge, that's why a lot of the time this is described as coming home. It could also be why people say something is missing or they feel a hole and they don't know how to fill it. It's crazy the things that you learn as a missionary for the one and true Lord. I love it!

I have been thinking a lot about the atonement and what it really all entails and how I can more effectively apply it within my own life. While I was praying my mind was opened (not literally thank goodness).

The changing power of the Atonement isn't immediate as we would like it to be. It happens over time. Just as A river forms a canyon, the Atonement will shape us in many different ways. It will wear down the places in the rock where it is weak until they ultimately disappear all together. Of course, it takes time for this to occur. A titanic canyon cannot be formed overnight. So it is with the Atonement. We must be patient as we allow it to shape us and submit to our fathers will. When we do so, we will begin to see a marvelous change take place within ourselves. As long as the river is flowing; as long as we are actively and faithfully applying the Atonement in our lives, our weaknesses will disappear. Ether 12:27 says a lot about that well kinda, it isn't a very big verse but it says a lot.

I love you guys, I think about you everyday. Not too much, y'all don't distract me but I think about y'all. You guys are so awesome and I am so glad that I am blessed to be apart of such an amazing family. Keep on keeping on cause y'all are awesome!!!!

Love, your missionary son and brother, Elder Jefferies

Scripture of the week: Matthew 11:28-30


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