May 18, 2015


Arlington 1st Ward


Elder BJ Price


21... That is the number of inches of rain This area in Texas has had since I have been here. I have been here for 19 days. that's just shy of an inch a day. I LOVE IT!!!!! So much water haha, Now I know why TX is so green. It does get really hot and humid but it doesn't bug me yet. When I breathe in the mugginess however, that is when it gets a little irritating.

I was sick this week. Only a couple of days, but, I LOST MY VOICE. It is so hard for a missionary to be a missionary without a voice. It came back, but it still kinda hurts to sing. Which stinks. Cause we sing in our apartment A LOT!! A really cool experience happened because of this. So due to my loss of speech, E. Price did all of the talking and contacting until we ran into one particular family. They, out of everyone we could have talked to, were deaf. That's right. Even though I couldn't talk, Heavenly Father helped me share the gospel... It was pretty cool, nothing came of it, but I was forced to remember signs that I hadn't signed in about 2 years.... CRAZY!!

So that wasn't the only thing that happened. This past week I had my second exchange. It was with Elder Winterbottom in my area. We decided to street contact for about an hour and a half, then came across a street and we decided to knock the doors. We went through the first few doors and got either Catholics or Spanish speaking families. We had only gotten down one side of the block when is started to rain a bit. We figured we might as well keep knocking after all, the next door there could be someone that we could bring unto Christ so why take the chance of skipping them. In only a few short minutes it had started to pour, soaking us completely! We were already wet, so we kept knocking. We had very little success but it taught me to keep the children of God in mind rather than to think about what is happening to myself. So much happened this past week but that was one of my favorite moments.

I had so many awesome moments this past week that it is kinda hard to pick a few to talk about (that's why I really like sending the audio recordings which btw my comps don't mind :)). Hmmmm... We taught a lot of people including Jason. We met Jason at jack in the box, of which there are "more numerous than the sands of the sea" or so it would seem. Like seriously, I'm pretty sure the number of jack in the boxes is just about even with the number of churches... Anywho, we met him on my first pday! right after emails in fact. he saw us and said hi so I started talking to him. We gave him our number and he left, never to contact us again or so it would seem. Well fast forward 2 weeks and we met him again! This time, we taught him a lesson. holy cow was the Spirit there! We gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and invited him to read a couple pages (the introduction, testimonies and moronic 10). So we pray and wait.

Shortly thereafter we met an older woman by the last name of Boothe (so close!). She had been raised Baptist and was very firm in her belief about Christ! We get that a lot, which is great cause we always respond "that makes our job easier!" we also get that we're Jehovahs Witnessess though so yeah... We learn a lot of things that we believe that I didn't know we believed everyday haha. Anyways, old lady. her mom was lds as was her grandmother. her dad however was a hardcore Baptist. No more lds. She didn't know a lot but because our message was about Christ, she listened! At the end we asked if we could say a prayer with her, she, like many, said yes of course. She then proceeded to ask if we could include a specific blessing about somethings that she is going through. I asked if she remembered what we had said about Joseph Smith receiving the priesthood, the same priesthood that Christ has. She said no, so I then explained it further and even made a point to tell her that we (E. Price and I) have that authority and can give blessing on the sick. She then accepted my offer to give her blessing. We went into her garage and man did that turn into an awesome garage! We gave her a blessing of comfort, love and strength. Something I know for a fact that she had never had before. When we turned to leave after, she was continually thanking us and you could tell that we was tearing up... ... At that moment, I caught a glimpse of the love that Christ has. I had blessed someone that I had never met before, probably will never see again, in this life at least. I had planted a seed.

We have another family, part member, that is soo close! like literally, two of the little girls only need one more Sunday attendance and the older one just two more.. We went over Saturday night to make sure they were coming and asking if there was anything we could do to help. They said that they would be there and they didn't need anything. sacrament meeting was the most stress I've been in for a long time... 30 minutes had gone by and still they weren't there. they never showed up. But, Faye showed up! we gave her a Triple combination.

I am now 4 years old in missionary years. Every week is one year so I will die around 104 years old. I only have 23 months left and holy cow I need to get to work!! :) Don't worry, it'll go by faster than any of us realize.

Well, I need to go.. I love y'all!!

Keep the Faith!

Love your missionary son and brother, Elder Jefferies


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