January 21, 2019


Provo MTC


Elder Andrew Cole

Week 5: Angel with a Shotgun

Wednesday: Led a group of 15 across the country which was VERY interesting! Rode a bus at 4 am. Got to train station at 4:30. Rkde that train till 6:30. Me and Elder Jewell hung out and talked about the most random crap. I was able to call Dad at the Salt Lake Airport.

Location: Atlanta international Airport
About 2:25pm EST

Our flight was a little late arriving so we were going to rush to the next terminal. We walk out and guess who's there?!?!
My Dad, Robert Ashcroft, and Neil McRae!! I freaked when I saw them! Apparently Neil works for Delta and was able to get them back to the terminal. Neil took us to the waiting area for our next flight. I got to talk to Mom, Parker, David, Grandma, Nana, and Papa on the phone so that was really cool!!

Location: Bentonville, Arkansas
Time: About 5pm CST

We met our mission President's wife at the Northwest Arkansas Airport. We put our stuff in a big trailer and rode to the mission home. We got spaghetti for dinner! The Elders spent the night there.

Thurdsday: I'm in the Har-Ber ward in Springdale, Arkansas. President Strong gave us envelopes. We open them up and we find out where we go. My companion, Elder Cole wasn't supposed to get there till 5pm. I hung out with the Marshallese Elders until then. We played basketball and ate lunch at Sam's Club. Me and Elder Cole were both New to the area which is called "Shotgun" meaning both were taken out. After I met Elder Cole, we went to the apartment and found a planner. We had a dinner appointment in 20 minutes! We called the man. He was like "Meet us at the RibCrib at 6:15." So we ate BBQ for dinner and it was great!!! They them took us to Braums which is a Ice Cream Place. We met with the Ward Mission Leader before dinner.

Friday: 1st official day of missionary work. Went for a walk. Went to go help Sister Minor and Sister Taylor fix their phone. Went tracting and knocked on the door of a former member but is now a Jehovah's Witness. She loved talking to us about Jesus. We went to a trailer park and talked to a lady named Jannett. We scheduled to meet with her this week. Talked with a man who went ON and ON about politics and how Obamacare saved lives. We then met a man who had financial troubles and only joined for his son.

Saturday: It Snowed!!! We tracked in 22 degrees weather! We went to visit some people the other Elders were teaching. We made a few return appointments with some if them. We ate dinner at Subway after meeting with Joe and Jill who are really nice and love to talk about religion. "I got time to talk to anybody about the Lord" said Joe and let us right in. We ended up teaching a short Restoration lesson and giving them a Book of Mormon. Went tracking later and got the cops called on us! TWICE!! After that we decided it was time to go. In our defense it was a kinda sketchy area but we found like 5 people so that's awesome!

Sunday: Church got canceled which was super lame since we dont know any members. People here cant drive on Ice apparently. Printed up an area map. Met with the Ward Mission Leader again to get some info. We now have dinner appointments so we won't live off of pancakes. I made pancakes for the first time and they didn't turn out bad! Ate with a family that night and had a nice Redneck-Style Brazillian dish with cornbread. Mmm!! We then met Otto at McDonald's and he was applying for jobs online. That was cool! He set a goal to be worthy to get a temple reccomend soon. We tried to call and text people but only a few answered . A LOT Of walmarts and Tyson Factories here!

Monday is my new P-Day. Email me, Google Hangouts or Facebook Messager me. Yall mail me if you can! I love letters and I plan on writing some today. Send pictures with them if you want! Love getting those too!

7275 Napa Valley Lane Apartment 204
Springdale Arkansas
Elder Carter Arnold

Pic 1: OTM Board in our apartment
Pic 2: Me in Har-Ber
Pic 3: Wooden Razorback in RibCrib
Pic 4: Multi-Languages we talk to here


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