September 11, 2017


Castle Rock


Elder Corbin Tenney

sept 11th

Hello, hello, hello!
This has been an interestng week because we found 8 new investigators! In our area, we'll see 2-3 new investigators in a normal week, none in a bad one. But Elder Tenney and I are looking for better ways to find in our area. The biggest problem is that 98% of our area is boonie and 99% of those not in town are out here so they wont be desterbed. Or that's what it feels like. ON either friday or saturday night though, we had the impression to stop by a former investigator's house.Elder Tenney had stopped by tons of ties before but we went over anyways. On the way up to the house, we talked to the neighbors and asked if this guy was home. He turned out to be a really cool guy with a strong testimony and two kids that might be interested in getting baptized as well. On the way out, we talked to the neighors agian. I can't remember how Elder Tenney started the conversation, but we talked breifly about missionaries, prophets, and found out, they had seen Elder Tenney chopping wood a couple months ago! They were supper impressed that missionaries would serve an older couple in that way while dressed up. Goes to show, people are watching and you never know what will open doors down the road.
One of our investigators had her baby yesterday, one step closer to being baptized! Elder Tenney has been working with her for a while, we're just waiting for her baby and wedding so she can be baptized. Her whole story is member missionary work: found by a less active member, invited to church by said member, invited to be married and baptized by a member, it's so cool! And thats where we see all our real success, with members playing key roles, inviting investigators into their home, inviting to church, the list goes on for what can be done. It doesn't always work but it's so much more effective then when we show up at a door.
We have an investigator here with us today, we normally meet at the stake center to play games together and someone invited him. He's pretty cool and seems to be having fun. I forgot to plug in my tablet last night so my battery was at 10% for most of the day while missionaries tricked in. I eventually found one, which is why I'm emailing so late today. I cleaned our fan today, it was getting pretty gross and gave me an excuse to take it apart. I'm doing well, feels like two steps forward, one step back, but I'm getting better at this missionary stuff. sounds like you guys are having lots of fun, I still think there should be a fountain and more lights in the backyard. :)
love ya,
Moroni 7:45
Elder Nieslen

Ps, thank Grandma and Hiedi for the letter and email for me, I promise I'll get back to them, and I loved the tie tack from grandma but lost the back due to thick ties.

You can still ship things to the mission office but this address is,
536 Toutle Park Road
Castle Rock, WA 98611


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