September 5, 2017


Castle Rock


Elder Corbin Tenney

What's up Fam!

What's up Fam!
This is a weird week, we our investigators keep droping us and then ask when we'll be over again. Then we'll go see people who are always home to find them gone, and those who never answer the door show up! There was one time I though he was going to pull a gun on us, he walked over to his truck, reached in and pulled out..."Private Property". One of our investigators should be having her baby today, she just needs to get married to be baptized. She and her finance are supper cool, invited us on a walk around a lake and feed us mexican spaghetti.
Elder Tenney's Girlfriend Ashley was baptized on saturday, we got to skype in. His family did the entire program, prayers, talks, ordinace, witness, if they could have presided, there wouldn't have been anyone outside his family at it.
I have a new favorite scripture, 1 Nephi 17:13-14. I spent half an hour on those two verses the day I read it. It created a picture for me of Jerusalem, wilderness, and Promised Land. Jerusalem is where ever we are in our lives and the Lord has told us to go to the promise land. He will provide the path and the light on it to guide us to it. But it's not handed to us, we have to go out into the wilderness and travel to it. Just like Lehi's family, it's a struggle that we can't make on our own. They were told to bring tools and resources on their journey: family, food, tents, scriptures, more family (I heard Lehi's daughters married into Ishmeal's family but I don't know for sure), and the Liahona. For us, it can be so many things: family, a career, the Book of Mormon, the spirit of Elijah, and prophets. Not to mention prayer, fasting, youth activities, the Temple... there's so much in that scripture and Nephi's story, I could go on all day.
Tell Jordan that Elder Christiansen was my Zone Leader for my first transfer. Castle Rock is awesome, Mt St Helan's is in my area but I haven't had the time or extra miles to get there yet. Everyone is giving us candy, I might have to give up sugar to keep from gaining too much weight :). sounds like life's still an adventure. I can't remember when all my books come our: adventurer's wanted, and it's probably good I can't remember the other ones.
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