August 14, 2017


Castle Rock


Elder Corbin Tenney

you guys are amazing!!!

I got both packages this week, the big one on tuesday and the small one on wednesday. I wasn't sure about the cookies because the glaze was yellow on some of them but they are amazing! I loved opening them and I still grin when I think of everything I got. We had exchanges over saterday and I came back heartbroken because I thought they had eaten all the cookies. I Love the key board by the way, I was expecting the small one but I'll take an upgrade. I think the pixie dust takes the cake though, I wonder if it's enough for me to fly home with? :)
So Castle Rock, Washington is a great place to be. Most everyone is over 40, with 3 or 4 young families scattered through the congregation. There are a lot of awesome people but not a lot of investigators so far. We got some new advice from our leaders though that is really picking up the rate of finding. We were spending almost all our time trying to find through the members and now we have a few tools to get into doors and council to find through our own efforts as well.
I think it was friday, Elder Tenney and I were going around and we were wondering if perhaps we should stop by a family we are teaching. We decided that we should go by, but not right then. So a couple hours later at the end of a study session, Elder Tenney flips closed his tablet suddenly and decides that then is a good time to go by that family. Turns out, we pulled in just after they had gotten home. We normally teach just the father but his wife pulled up a chair on her own accord! It wasn't the best lesson we've ever taught but that was cool.
Anyways, I'm trying to download those videos so I can watch them and almost succeeding in keeping my scalp from burning. I think I remember that day at the mall, barely. I had a small crush on her at the time and it mortified me too. And now I'm doubting my memory. (note from mom: i had told him how the girl helping me ship his package at the ups store was a classmate from back in the day and shared the story she had told me) I hope everything is going well, the van seemed to be, and that Isaac gave everyone a bear hug for me.
watch out for snakes during the eclipes and for a picture in the mail...sometime,
Elder Nielsen


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