July 22, 2017




Elder Alex Kirby

last week at the "empty sea"

I just realized, I'm missing pioneer day! I never thought I'd miss parades. So this week actually felt a little boring. It was class and TRC'S and not much else. The highlights were Tuesday devotional and Friday in-field training.
Paul E Koelliker, Emeritus General authority,spoke with his wife and shared several things: temples, the spirit world, and spiritual gifts. He covered a lot but It was thespiritthathe brought that I'm most thankful for. I'd been worrying all day about not being good enough for The Lord's work and after the devotional, singing the closing song, I realized that I can stop worrying because so long as image best I can be, the Lord will make up the rest (I have a cool analogy o go with it but I don't have time to spend 5 hour writing emails today, sorry:). And in-field was interesting because it was different and I learned some new things like how important numbers and goal setting is in missionary work. And MTC actors are cheesy. The teachers put on a show for us.
I sent pics of all my roommates and pictures of the murals in the T4 building. They have a chandelier going in on the first floor that I'm dying to see but sadly it probably won't be done by Monday evening so won't get to see it.
Technically I've commited 2 investigators to baptism during TRC'S but we have no idea if they are members or not.
We leave the "empty sea" (that is now partially full) Tuesday morning, 3 am for our 8:30ish flight to Portland. Super excited about the timing and will probably pack a lot today.
The screen protector was amazing, i was feeling a little unloved with everyone else getting cupcakes, cookies, cake, razors, and hacky slacks in r the mail.
I know our Heavenly Father loves us and he restored the gospel through Joseph Smith, and I feel His love and spirit everyday I'm here,
Elder Nielsen


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