July 16, 2017




Elder Alex Kirby

2nd week

It's been a long week. I've learned a lot and slept fair. We do a lot of role playing in class and that is both helpful and strange. It seems I end up as the missionary more often but the times I'm an investigator are strange. I don't act well so I feel I don't help the others practice. I'm also having a hard time reaching an investigator. as part of our day we meet with tow investigators in the Training Resource Center (TRC). While one is very receptive and we connected well to her, we seem to be giving the other a very interesting message. I want to say that it's because we started wrong and our attempts to fix things are exicuted wrong, so that they compound upon each other. I guess we were kust pushing to hard to soon and hushing because we only see each investigator for a week. The TRC investigators are suppose to be mostly members with a few true investigators mixed in so even if she really is an investigator, the next missionaries to talk to her will fix our mistakes.

blaahh! That left a bad taste in my mouth. On the bigger, flip side of things, this week has had some amazing things as well: roll playing connections, devotionals, Testaments, reading Grandpa's book, and coming to know Christ.

I'm writing these in the order I thought of them and not the order they should be in but I don't care.

Yesterday during a role playing session of class, we started by doing something different. The theme for The day was teaching people, not lessons. Those who were to be investigators first stepped out and received a specific concern to play.
I lost the rest of the story and don't have the time to rewrite it so... I found the joys of charity through connecting to the investigator. I had been praying to do so because of the experience I had with an investigator and it was strengthening to me to see that happen.
Mom has my favorite thought from the devotional.
Watching The Testaments was amazing, I've alwaysfeltthe spirit as I've watched it but here I was overwhelmed here and did not wipe my eye occasionally.
I've been reading grandpa's book and it's been amazing. I especially love the blessing of an untied shoe, today's prayer, and other poems. I love getting to know grandpa better though this book and other family members.
An activity we did during class was taking some quite time to think about the amazing pictures of Christ they have around here. My testimony was strengthened by that. Sorry I don't give more detail, class is about to start,
Elder Nielsen


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