July 8, 2017




Elder Alex Kirby

1st week

It's been a great week with some interesting experiences. So far it feels like a priesthood encampment with a ton more spirit. They didn't have a full set of sheets and blankets for me and my companion when we got here so I'm stuck with a small fleece blanket. It's not bad and keeps me warm at night but it makes me miss the quilts I had at home.
Oh and you'll never guess who my companion is, Elder Kirby! Because I was a bit late getting here with the line at drop off and fixing my tablet, I spent most of the first day with Elder Rallison (he's from an idaho town just north of logan) while we tried to find our companions. Anyways, Elder Kirby is awesome and has been a great help as we've been teaching investigators this week.
On Wednesday night we had our first teaching experience, they filled a room with Elders and Sisters and introduced an investigator to us, asking us to teach and answer their questions. That was a great experience but my next one wasn't quite so good. Thursday afternoon we had a teaching assignment and with 5 minutes for Elder Kirby and I to prepare, so.... i froze, but Elder Kirby had a great experience because he's usually quite as well and he carried the lesson. Friday went better though, we had was good planning session and got our investigator to commit to reading the Book of Mormon. I was by no means perfect but I was a lot better sharing part of the restoration lesson.
My one regret is that I forgot soap to shave with. The soap in the bathrooms doesn't lather enough to work well so the first few days my face stung pretty good. I finely had time to pick up some more yesterday for my torture is at an end.
We have biosfor 2 more investigators we'll start teaching on Monday. Oh and you'll be so proud of me: Elder Kirby convinced me to join the choir while we're here.
Glad your having fun, I can read emails all week but I'll update you next Saturday,
Elder Nielsen


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