August 21, 2018


Cowlitz Falls


Elder Valentine

Miracle! still a miracle

So we have a LOT of potentials and OLD referrals (referrals that weren't contacted in 2015 or 16). So we went and contacted most of them this week (disconnected phones are no fun). One of them was Angel, we knocked on their door and the whole family answered it. They invited us in then and there into their home for a discussion. Afterwards, as we were driving to our next stop, and talking about how awesome it was, Elder Valentine had a moment where light was turned on. There's been a name on the ward list that no one knows or hasn't had contact in a long time, well the mom (the family is 2 boys and their mother) has the same name. So we found two new people to teach and will hopefully reactivate someone. 🎉🎉🎉
During district meeting last week, we had an impromptu musical number and now we are singing as a zone at zone council tomorrow. It'll be a lot of fun, and I love this arrangement of 'I know that my redeemer lives'. It gives me chills every time I listen to it.
We have an app called MAAS360 which monitor and can change our tablets and devices. Yesterday, MAAS revolted and deleted ALL of the important apps and most of the other apps we have. Area Book, gone. Facebook/messenger, gone. Good by all your contacts, plans, and your ability to contact some of your teaching contacts. They got it fixed relatively quickly though, most of it was back that night. What happened was (if I heard correctly), the company had changed a few things and so told the Church to update the security settings. But the company messed up something so it wrecked missionary devices worldwide when the Church updated things. We were lucky and got off fine, weekly planning, interviews, and a good memory. But I moved all my pictures to my misplaced flash drive so I don't have pics to sent right now.
Hope you all have fun and stay safe!
Elder Nielsen
Alma 13 is a great chapter I'm reading this week.


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