August 14, 2018


Cowlitz Falls


Elder Valentine

Boom!... Boom!

So on Friday... thursday?... We were sitting at the Church building doing some calls when we felt and heard a very large BOOM that shook the building. I was thinking, did someone just fall a massive tree that shouldn't exist anymore or did something just explode? And then another boom followed about third seconds after. It puzzled us for a while but we were told that it was the military. A mechanic at an airport had hijacked an empty plane and everyone had been afraid that he was a terrorist headed for a big event near Seattle. So they sent two jets from Portland to either shoot it down or something. It turned out that he was just crazy and wasn't trying to hurt people. The jets/military guided him out to sea and tried to get him to land. I think he ended up crashing sadly.

Elder Valentine is pretty cool. He's into jewelry, plays the guitar, loves nerf guns, and is a great missionary. He has a lot of ideas that will be very helpful. We had two separate people show up at church that we didn't know were not members until afterwards. We talked with them briefly and will go see them this week if all goes well.

It's sad to hear about the fires, but it'll be cool to see how it comes back. School will be fun, it's weird to think this will be the second school year I'll have missed. Sounds like y'all are having fun and staying safe,
This week I ran into Helaman 3. Verse 35 was really cool for me because it says that even though we have trials, as we let Christ into our life, we can still have our souls filled with joy. Hoping to find those who we can bring that joy too.

Have a good week, stay safe and learn a lot!
Elder Nielsen


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