August 7, 2018


Cowlitz Falls


Elder Sirrine

Transfers tomorrow

This was a week like no other on my mission. Monday we had the last district meeting of the transfer, weekly planning, and our last exchange. Tuesday, was of course P-day, but come to find out, Elder Sirrine was getting sicker and sicker throughout the day. He was catching a intestinal virus. So we called into the mission nurse and got permission to stay in and rest. And then thursday too. And Friday he was still sick. Saturday I started to have symptoms. Sunday I definitely had it so we didn't get to go to church. Yesterday I was feeling better but Elder Sirrine was feeling worse. It's a very big blessing from Heavenly Father that Elder Sirrine is feeling a little bit better today so that he can pack and get ready for transfers. I feel fine, ready to do whatever... 98% of the time 😁. I'm doing well, ready to get out to work.
So my new companion will be Elder Valentine. He's been out a while, just under two years in fact. Hopefully, I don't kill him to quickly (send him home). I just hope he's not trunky. All that said, I'm excited! And Elder Muhonen will be in the zone too!
I rediscovered one flaw to cooking and one downside... a lot of the things I want take more than an hour to prepare, cook and eat. And you can't cook too much at once cause you have to fit it all in the fridge afterwards... 😁 not that I cooked a lot this week, we didn't have much to cook. But it would have been fun.
Elder Hosey, a good elder who just went home left me with a good scripture, Mosiah 24:10-15. Have faith and God will see you through your trials.
Love ya, have fun, be safe,
Elder Nielsen


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