April 16, 2018


Vancouver West


Elder Muhonen

Nothing exciting, JK!

So first story! We were looking through area book records for people who had been taught in the past and had potential. We found this recorder for a Jackson Smithline. He was 17 last time missionaries had talked to him but his parents didn't want him taught. Well, it's been a while so we thought we might check in on him. There was a number for Sister Oliva, a friend of the family who would have a finger on the situation. She didn't answer but called us back while wemwere helping with a move. He is 18 now, a senior in High school and get this... he's been coming to sacrement meeting for the last 3 months, wants to get baptized as soon so that he can go on a mission!!!!!! That was on Saturday, so we'll be video chatting him this evening and having lunch or something this week.
I'm loving this transfer, we will have three people working towards baptism soon, and a fourth in a couple months. But the catch is, as it should be, you have to let the Lord work his magic. In the last week, we had 4 days with good plans laid out, but thankfully, the Lord took them apart last minute and put them back together. So even though Elder Muhonen was stressing through the ceiling, we had a lot of success. We found 2 potential very solid investigators and 4 people at church.
On Monday evening, we had exchanges with the AP's, it was a lot of fun as we saw a really cool miracle. So after a sweet lesson with Beth, Elder Broadbent and I were biking home up a crazy hill. We passed a dark parking lot and I saw a person sitting there. As we passed I got the feeling that we needed to go back and talk to her. Long story short, we met Jess and she is going through a very rough time right now and we were able to testify of the Savior's love for her. Hopefully we will continue to help her come unto Christ. (Elder Broadbent and I agree that that experience was the most amazing finding experiences of our missions so far)

Hope you all are doing well, love,
Elder Nielsen


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