March 19, 2018


Vancouver West


Elder Ferris

Ball Up

So crazy story for this week, we were out Sunday night and everything had fallen though. We ended up passing some folks playing basket ball. Long story short we asked to play with them and had a lot of fun. They were very impressed that we played so well in nice clothes. Elder Ferris and I played against each other with Tonny on my team and Chris with Elder Ferris. Tall guys vs shorties :) We were pretty evenly matched. They weren't interested in talking gospel but were super cool. And afterwards, we had a text from Sister Hodges, she had seen us balling with them and decided to invite us over for lemon bars and water once we were done. They might not be new investigators this week, or next week, but maybe someday!

Favorite quore for the week from elder Ballard, "Man cannot live without faith, because in life’s adventure the central problem is character-building—which is not a product of logic, but of faith in ideals and sacrificial devotion to them”." And "We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day."

We had ward conference yesterday and they shared an awesome scripture, Mosiah 5:12-13. It's an awesome reminder of what we commit to at baptism and while on missions. I especially love how it talks about know the master as we serve him, I feel it applies to me specifically as a missionary, as a baptized member, and possibly to any call I could have. (I may have to think about that last one, it just came to mind.)

Thanks for all y'all do, hope you have a great week, remember who Christ is,
Elder Nielsen


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