March 5, 2018


Vancouver West


Elder Ferris


This week has been great! We are getting use to riding bikes, which streets have killer hills, how long it takes to get from one place to another. We've been able to get Rides from members when we need it. Though we would like to get some regular exchanges going too. The best part of the week though would be when we went to the temple with a recent convert to do baptisms for her the first time. Mylinda was baptized last June and is now hooked on genealogy. It's amazing what happens at the temple, we were in and out right in between two large youth groups with no hold ups. Elder Ferris and I got to witness the baptisms and do part of the confirmations. We also saw a lot of people. There was another set a missionaries with a recent convert, some members from the Castle Rock ward, and people Elder Ferris knew.

We finally got to meet this real cool guy named David. He spent some time in the middle East and has a lot of Mormon friends. He works in Portland over the weekends and goes to school at Clark College over the week. He reached out to us wanting to learn about us and has a lot of weird questions so far, like lost boy societies.

The Heilman's have a guitar and are letting me use it in my free time. It's an interesting instrument and I not sure I understand it much.

I never get tired of the scriptures. I was reading in alms this week about Ammon, his brothers, and the people of Ammon. I'm astounded at the conversion of the people and how it all stems from the example that Ammon and his brothers are and their patience.

I totally spaced saying happy Birthday to Josh last week, so Happy Birthday! Get Isaac to give you a big hug for me.

Love ya, hope you have a great week!
Elder Nielsen


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