February 19, 2018


Vancouver West


Elder Ferris

Transfers again

I feel like I'm home! It started to snow last night and it was coming down heavy! But you know how its strangely warmer during a snow storm then afterwards back home? Well, not here. I think the humitity goes up during it and so it was FREEZING last night! But it was cool to see snow again. We acculaly were visiting some Islanders (from chuk) while it was snowing, and they were super excited. It's a good thing the snow didnt stick to the road, or else we would be stuck inside all day (not that we can drive safely, it's everyone else in Vancouver you have to worry about :).

This week has been cool. We are finally starting to understand the ward. We met the Sprauge's, who have a son going on a mission soon. He came out with us last Sunday to a lesson and sadly, they cancelled on us. But we got to know Tyler fairly well and answer a few of his questions about a mission. So the appiontment was Sunday afternoon and that morning we realized that we wouldn't have numbers during the lesson. So we asked Tyler to come with us. We showed up and... she was sick. So we knocked a few houses around and took him home. It was fun though.

I found an amazing some amazing scriptures this week. I studied the Sacrement and LOVED 3 Nephi 18. The verses that stood out to me, or some of them anyways, were 24-25.


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