January 29, 2018


Vancouver West


Elder Ferris


So this week was a busy week. We had Zone Conference, Interviews with President, Stake Conference, and we got to go to the Temple for an endowment session! We didn't have a lot of warning about the Temple trip but Brother Heilman was nice enough to provide some family names we could take. Our session was at 11am, but because Portland traffic is terrible they incouraged us to leave at 8:30. Luckily, we caught just the right time so we arrived at 9:45 and got to tour the visitor center. They have some really cool videos, if you get a chance to take a tour, ask to see "Days of Harmony" or "Days for the Eternities". They go in that order, starting from Oliver Cowdry's perspective right after Martin Harris loses the manuscript. Then you switch to David Whitmer's Perspective when Joesph and Oliver come to their home to finish the translation of the Book of Mormon. It's a very powerful testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Restoration.
After the Temple, we stopped by Deseret Book Store for a moment cause people in the car needed to get stuff. And since I was there, I decided to get a CTR ring (my excuse was it was for my birthday). There were several super cool ones, Lehi's dream, the tree of Life, (those two were a bit more than I wanted to spend unfortunitly😭) Arumor of God, but I realized that all the cool ones weren't in stock so I'd have to order them😡. So I got a Titanium with wood inlay, which is technicly more my speed.
I love the socks and ties, people commented on them both when I wore the ties.
My new area is strange, since we are combining two wards, half of everyone doesn't have a calling yet (bishop was out of town, stake conference...). The strangest thing though, is that the members of the old Hazel Dell ward know more people in the ward than the original 1st warders. Which makes things fun because the only leadership who then knows whats going on is Bishop because he came from Hazel Dell. I think we finally figured out most of the ward though, we met with the old ward mission leader of Hazel Dell and he filled us in on those members.
And I'm out of time, sorry.
Love ya,
Elder Nielsen


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